For those of us who grew up during the peak of Evel Knievel’s exploits, nothing could be cooler than being him – not even being Batman. Well, those nice folks at Mecum’s Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction will give you the chance to live your dream this Friday, Jan. 27th 2017 when Evel Knievel’s Stratocycle built by the great Bud Ekins goes on the auction block.


Since we’re dreaming here, let’s check the bike’s bona fides:

  • Evel Knievel’s Stratocycle built by Bud Ekins for Viva Knievel film
  • The only Knievel motorcycle used in a film to ever  come to market
  • You probably owned the Ideal Toy Company’s toy version
  • Why haven’t you left for Vegas, yet?

The motorcycle,  a modified 1976 Harley XLCH Sportster 1000, wears a futuristic fiberglass fairing with integral wings. (How many times did those wings carry your toy across the den? Come on, be honest!) The fiberglass is covered with a red, white, and blue paint scheme – complete with an eagle on the front.


According to the Mecum’s web site: “The provenance of this motorcycle is beyond exceptional: it comes with original California registration card issued for (VIN# 4A20750H6) from ‘AMF Harley Davidson MTR Co.’ to ‘Warner Bros. Inc.’ and the original invoice from Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc., dated 8-14-78, selling the motorcycle following the production to ‘Rich Budelier Company’ (the Los Angeles Harley dealership which provided the motorcycles for the film) with the following notation: ‘Used in Evil [sic] Knievel Movie. To be sold for $500. No freight per Tom Bolfert…4A20750H6 Note 1976 bike.’ (Tom Bolfert was the ex-head of archives for the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.) The motorcycle has undergone cosmetic restoration; the Plexiglas windscreen and alloy wheels have been replaced to bring it back to screen used appearance.”

So, if you want to own the only movie-produced Evel Knievel motorcycle ever sold to the public, click on over to the Mecum’s website here.

  • Daniel Benjamin

    Good to see!

  • Ducati Kid

    To all R-E afectados,

    Clearly my Indian friend has important contacts at R-E’s owner Eicher Group!

    Discussed precisely this solution to obvious U.S. Distribution issues earlier this year.

    Perhaps a business association with their Milwaukee neighbor in the future?

  • DickRuble

    “In a post performance era….” yeah.. in the post everything era, there is Royal-Enfield..

  • PA_observer

    Interesting, RE locates a distributor ship in WI while HD shops for cheaper labor in the south.

  • robert hedrick

    That Himalayan sounds exactly what I want. Air cooled, lightweight, easy to fix, middle displacement. I have KLR 650 – water cooled and too heavy.

  • Starmag

    Huge Evel fan as a kid. I had the “Stuntcycle”, which I liked to jump off the garage. Never saw the “Stratocycle” variant. That lede pic made me LOL. Only Evel. Evel was probably responsible for the broken bones of many a child bicyclist. He got one of my friends imitating him.

    Sorry, but this is so wrong it’s right:

    • 12er

      I had the stuntcycle as well, crank crank crank, pull back and a wheeling fury was off.

    • spiff

      That scooter should fly half decent. Landings? At least the suspension is as good as his old bikes.

  • Born to Ride

    Cuz ‘Murica.

  • john phyyt

    Had a huge discussion with two sons about what it was worth. If Putin wants it : well.. . but general thoughts were under $80-100k and it may hold it’s value. ( might even risk riding it ) BUT; much higher and it will go into la la land where it will dissapear into a collection.

  • michael delaney

    Amazing, like it was in a 40 year time capsule..
    It could prove to be one of the most iconic and memorable film used motorcycles.

    • Gary Davis

      Just a quick correction to the “Bona Fides” as listed above. My friend Bud Ekins had nothing to do with any of the motorcycles used in the film Viva Knievel. All the bike building was supervised by Evel’s stunt double Gary Davis. Gary brought in his own crew to build all the bikes. None of the bikes were ever owned by Evel, they were all owned by Warner Brothers Studio.

      • Evans Brasfield

        Thanks for this info, Gary. In writing this piece, I used the listing on the auction site. Perhaps you should contact Mecum’s, too. I’d hate for someone to buy the bike based on false information.

  • Ellis Tomago

    Evel was the real Captain America.