Yamaha has confirmed specs and pricing for the MT-10 streetfighter slated to go into production later this year. The MT-10 has generated a lot of buzz since its debut at EICMA 2015, with both fans and detractors either singing its praises or criticizing its outlandish looks.

The MT-10 is the spiritual successor to the long-in-the-tooth FZ-1, essentially a stripped-down YZF-R1S – the least expensive of the R1 line, without any of the lightweight engine internals or IMU – but with anime-inspired minimalist bodywork. Still, expect it to come with the same chassis, swingarm, suspension and basic electronics package as the R1. This includes ride modes, traction control, and full LCD instrumentation. The MT will also feature cruise control, something you don’t get on the R1. Yamaha claims 158 hp at 11,500 rpm and 81.9 lb-ft. at 9,000 rpm. MT-10 pricing, at least in the UK, will be £9999 (roughly $14,000 USD). Considering how hot the naked bike market is right now, with bikes like the BMW S1000R, Aprilia Tuono 1100 V4, KTM 1290 Super Duke, Triumph Speed Triple, and Kawasaki Z1000, among many others, Yamaha is entering into a crowded field.

Since it seems like most MO readers own standard bikes, according to our recent survey, news of the MT-10 should be exciting for you. Unfortunately, Yamaha has yet to confirm the MT-10 will be coming to the U.S. However, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t reach these shores before the calendar strikes 2017. In keeping with Yamaha’s nomenclature in America, the MT will likely get a name change to FZ-10 (or possibly continue the FZ-1 name) once its arrival is confirmed.

  • For reference, the R6 is 9,699 pounds in the UK, so I’d expect the US FZ-10 (if that happens) to be priced around $11,000. Pretty sweet deal if it’s the same engine and frame as the R1.

    • spiff

      If you are correct the thing will be on every street corner, and my garage. Asuming I fit it.

  • Prakasit

    Bring it here to the US, Yamaha!

  • 12er

    I like it, so obviously it wont be coming here… Granted I wont be buying one, at least new.

    • Brooks

      Just outta curiosity, why wouldn’t you by a new one?

      • 12er

        Naked bike is not a need but a want about 4 bikes down the line. So no need to pay full price for something that isnt going to be my primary ride.

  • JerryMander

    Don’t suck, Yamaha, dump the FZ1 and give us this.

    • Craig Hoffman

      The FZ1 is perhaps the most hamstrung bike I have ever owned. Yamaha really did not put much effort into optimizing it and they have kept it around too long.

      That said, come ride my modded FZ1 with ECU flash, Power Commander, Akra full exhaust, Penske shock and fettled forks. It has 150 at the wheel and does not look like a science project. Gonna keep it until it dies.

      Ya, that is a lot of mods, but clean used FZ1s cost pizza and beer money. Grab one and have a comfy, unbreakable and arm stretcher of a bike for around 6 grand.

      • Brooks

        My friend Van has a modded FZ1, similar stuff as yours, and that thing is quick and comfy. He loves it. It’s a great bike as you know

    • Sentinel

      No way! See my post here as to why.

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    Please bring it…the Suzuki GSF1000 isn’t stirring my loins. The MT-10 could be the successor to my Suzuki B-King. I loved that bike, just not it’s near-600lb wet weight.

    • DickRuble

      Just spend $2500 on top drawer suspension and your updated FZ-09 will be amazing.

      • HeDidn’tWeDid

        Why? Then my $8000.00 bike would be a $10,500.00 bike that will only be worth $6000.00 if it is wrecked or if I decide to sell it. It should come with a decent suspension from the get-go.

        • DickRuble

          Because you have already spent $8000. It’s mostly a sunk cost. $2500 is less to pony up another $11000. Then the reviews of the stock MT-10 will tell you you it comes with crappy suspension too. Then what? Of course, that’s if you are not BSing about having an FZ-09, which is very likely on this board.

          • HeDidn’tWeDid

            Sold my FZ-09 last March to a kid in Bentonville, AR. I had one of the first FZ-09s in the little Rock area. In fact mine belonged to the area Yamaha rep. It was fun, the engine brilliant, and very fast, but suspension was unsuited for our roads here when you really started to push it. Limited adjustments that only made the ride choppy and harsh.

          • HeDidn’tWeDid

            If it has subpar suspension, the FZ-10, then it will be out of consideration. Considering it is based on the base R1, I kinda doubt it’s suspension is going to be as crude as the FZ-09.

        • Brooks

          Who cares how much it’s worth. If you like it, do it. It’s supposed to be your toy. Make it yours, man. You’ll LOVE it. Ruble is right

          • HeDidn’tWeDid

            Meh, it wasn’t a ride I wanted to make my toy. I dont consider dropping $2500.00 on a suspension on an $8000.00 motorcycle a very wise way to spend money.

    • Born to Ride

      I would love that Yamaha triple engine in anything other than the two bikes they have put it in so far. IMO the FZ-07 is an infinitely better looking bike than its brother and if it had that sweet 850 triple in it and good balanced suspension I would have bought one last year. Alas, the Japanese seem to have lost touch with my wants and desires. Good thing the Italians know my heart.

  • JerryMander

    Man that thing is sexy as hell and I’d buy it for sure. Really exactly what I want if I can rig it for some medium distance touring which apparently our more deserving British friends can. Especially at 10-11k which is where I think they’d price it here.

  • Starmag

    Megatron? Is that you?

  • ColoradoS14

    Very uniquely styled and the cross-plane crank adds some character and a great engine note. Not really feeling the styling on this guy but I know lots of folks will love it. For Yamaha’s sake I hope Gabe Ets-Hokin is right in his comment at that the US pricing ends up being closer to $11k. At $14k you would have to be a lunatic to get this over a Tuono.

    • It will be $10,990. You heard it here first.

    • Dootin

      I agree with this and as long as its suspension is at least on par with the Suzuki GSX S-1000, i will buy it.

  • Ducati Kid


    Judging from commentary – TRANSFORMERS – intrigues motorcyclists.

    A short lived fad or trend, better product deserved for American rider consideration.

    Personally, I like this YAMAHA pedigree (YZF-R1S concept) appearance better –

    • Strat

      The flyscreen actually looks like one of the transformers symbols. Good guys or bad guys I can’t remember. I’m ok with the black one. I want to know how much it weighs.

      • Ducati Kid


        The MT-10 weight (YAMAHA EU) is 210 kg, converts to 463 lbs. U.S.

        • Strat

          Thanks DK. I probably could’ve looked that up myself.

  • kenneth_moore

    I greatly prefer this styling over Kawi’s “Sugomi” crouching, hunched-over about to pounce design language they use on the current lineup. If they made an “FJ-10” version of this I’d be on it like white on rice (pun intended).

  • Randy Darino

    not for $14,000.

  • SRMark

    Paint it brown and it could be the big cock roach at the end of Men in Black 2.

    • Brett Lewis

      It’s getting better to me but I felt similarly. The album cover to Judas Priest’ Screaming for Vengeance, I might have mentioned that before somewhere…

  • Sentinel

    This bike would not be a suitable replacement for the FZ1, which leans more towards being a do it all, highly functional, standard type bike. My hope is that Yamaha will take this engine and create a worthy successor to the FZ1, and build on it’s strengths, ensure reasonably passenger accommodations, and offer optional integrated luggage. That to me would be a real winner all the way around. It would have all the performance you could ever use on the street, but also possesses all of the real-word capabilities that riders need on the street. Suzuki should have taken this approach with their GSX-S1000F.

    • Omar Wardak

      The sensible people, who want a sensible bike, will purchase sensibly, i.e. they will buy a used FZ1 for peanuts on craigslist. To sell a bike new, it has to stir the loins, at least in the U.S.

      • Sentinel

        I understand your point, but I believe a bike can be both sensible and exciting at the same time, instead of just one or the other, and that’s what’s missing here.

  • Brett Lewis

    I was thinking this bike made the 2006-11 Tuono look handsome, then I went back and looked at the Tuono…

  • spiff

    Just looking at the picture of the blue one. Makes me think that a deep red would look good.

    • Strat

      Agree. Make the wheels red too.

  • Michael Mccormick

    They can have it in Europe.. To me it’s the ugliest in the 1000 and up naked class. Like the cock roach comparison

  • Jamo11

    Although I like this one more, the GSX-S1000 will sell for $10K – right now in America! This one looks to be much more expensive, and at least a year’s wait.

  • Jamo11

    It really frosts me that it isn’t coming to the US this year. I might get the GSX-S1000 just for spite.

    • Colonel Matumbo

      Now thats Funny…….
      Thanks for the giggles pooki

  • I still want an FZ1

  • Glenn Lutic

    The pricing will be better than in Europe. I think it is kinda brutal looking, in a good way! Bring it, Yamaha!