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WTH? Jeff Harrison’s `76 KZ900 Dirt Dragster

I stumbled into an interesting Facebook group a few days ago: ButcheredClassics contains some pretty interesting motorcycles, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. In contrast, Jeff Harrison’s tastefully modified KZ900 is only mildly egregious, but in a good, dirty way.

Jeff ‘s dad bought the bike in 1983, rode it on the street and then started drag racing it after they pumped up the engine, back there in Columbus, Ohio. Then his dad got a Harley, and the Kawasaki gathered dust.

Flash forward to ten years ago, when 15-year old Jeff’s eyeballs fluttered open and  rediscovered the KZ in the garage; he immediately set about rebuilding/modifying it. He too rode it on the street, before adding a 1260 kit and deciding the bike’s mission would be dirt and grass drag racing. What? That’s right.

“I race it in 500-foot dirt drags and grass track,” says Jeff, “and sometimes I swap the street tires back on and it runs low Nines…”

I think it’s the first classic KZ I’ve ever seen with knobbies. I, I don’t know why I like it so much but I just do. Way to go, Jeff Harrison.



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