Road-rage poster-boy William Crum was sentenced to 15 years in prison for intentionally swerving his car into a passing motorcycle. Video of the incident (see below) showed a car veering into motorcyclist Eric Sanders and his passenger Debra Simpson, causing them to crash.

When confronted after the crash, Crum was filmed callously saying “I don’t care.”

Whatever: Big Brother is Watching You
William Crum Indicted
William Crum Still Awaits Trial

Well he should care now. According to the Star-Telegram, a two-day jury trial convicted Crum of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing bodily injury.

Sanders received minor injuries while Simpson spent time in the intensive care unit at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth for a broken arm, scrapes and bruises.

Crum has been in jail since his arrest in Oct. 19, 2015. According to our resident legal expert John Brutus, Crum faced a maximum sentence of 20 years per charge. By that regard, 15 years may seem light, but unless he receives probation, the 69-year-old Crum could be in prison until he’s 84 (minus credit for time served).

Shortly after his arrest, Crum blamed his sudden swerving on a spider bite, though it’s not clear if that was brought up in his defense at trial. Crum also placed the blame on Sanders for trying to pass on a double-yellow line. According to an update on a GoFundMe page he set up, Sanders said he was ticketed for the pass attempt but his case was dismissed because Crum was driving below the minimum speed of 45 mph in a 60 mph zone.

  • Starmag

    Thanks for the update Dennis. Just when I thought the rule of law was becoming an ironic figure of speech, this Crummy old fool gets his due. Kudos to the jury. 15 years ought to be enough to heal from that “spider bite” I would think.

  • Born to Ride

    Hell yeah! There IS justice in this world. Rot in prison scumbag.


    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Goose

    Wow, first I see a Texas state cop pull a guy over for driving slow in the left lane and now this. I may need to revise my opinion of Texas up a few notches.

  • Gruf Rude

    Sometimes crotchety catches up with a guy . . .
    Many years ago an old fart like him purposely swerved into my wife and I on our bikes; luckily for us (and him) we managed to avoid being hit. Apparently bikes just light off the ugly in some folks . . .
    Given his age and apparent (from his booking photo) physical condition, it’s likely he’ll die in prison.

  • Dootin

    Bye! you piece of shit.

  • mikstr

    woohoo!!!! Justice is a dish best served cold… in a cold jail cell… f***er! Hope you like those skin tipped suppositories, lol

  • Doova

    We need this sort of outcome in a case in Australia!
    A crash that happened in July last year and the driver still hasn’t been charged.
    There’s an article with a dashcam video here:

    Hopefully one day, we will have harsher punishments for people causing severe injury such as this!

    • Vrooom

      That is horrible, but it did appear the driver of the car in the video was careless rather than intentionally trying to cause harm as Mr. Crum was.

  • halfkidding

    There is no knowing about this guy then or ever. Has he always been an eternal hothead? Maybe but it only takes once, Never, never, never, ever, let your emotions effect your driving. Whatever it is, let it go.

    • Jack Holland

      He has always been a DlCKHEAD. He has been convicted of threatening neighborhood kids with a gun in the past and accused of running other cyclists off the road.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Basically a life sentence for that guy, “unless he receives probation”. How does one receive probation when they receive a 15 year prison sentence?

    • John B.

      He was eligible for probation during the sentencing phase of the trial, but the jury declined to give him probation. He will be eligible for parole at some point, but will likely serve at least half his sentence before getting parole because this crime involved a deadly weapon (automobile). He will, however, get credit for the 18 months he spent in jail awaiting trial. Crum is 5’5″ and 138 pounds and he turns 70 in July. He will serve his time with the worst of the worst in Huntsville, Texas. He’s likely to die in prison before he gets parole.

      • Max Wellian

        He should have died at the scene, but prolonging his misery has its merits too.

  • Mark D

    I bet he cares now.

  • Matt Gustafson

    After the “affluenza teen” fiasco, maybe Texas decided to avoid any further bad publicity and do the right thing with this case.

  • Chuck Smith

    Good riddance. Assuming he doesn’t drop dead in lockup I hope he never gets his license back.

    • Abi

      He’ll be like, what 80 when he gets out? I doubt he’ll be getting his license back.

  • Vrooom

    Glad to see this clown spend some years behind bars. 15 years does seem light for attempted murder, but I hope he doesn’t live long enough to see the light of day not filtered by bars.

  • Al Turner

    What a prick. Finally some justice.

  • John B.

    This case highlights a couple wrinkles in our criminal justice system.

    First, where you commit a crime has a dramatic impact on the punishment you receive. In Texas and elsewhere, rural county jurors routinely give stiff sentences for crimes that involve violence and/or drugs. If this case were venued in a big city like Dallas, Austin, Houston, or El Paso, Crum would almost certainly have been offered probation. In California, where there’s a federal order to reduce prison overcrowding, Crum would spend little or no time in prison before getting parole. On the one hand, I value a community’s right to set standards for punishment, but I am also concerned the disparity in sentencing for the same crime committed a few miles (a few yards in some cases) apart is too great.

    Second, a large percentage of criminals suffer from mental illness. In places where mental health care services are scarce too many mentally ill people get long prison terms. Increasingly, densely populated counties screen incoming inmates for mental illness and divert the afflicted to treatment before dealing with the pending criminal charges. In many cases, people no longer pose a threat to society after they receive effective treatment for mental health issues and/or addiction. Obviously, Crum (though not legally insane) isn’t right in the head. In his current state, he’s a menace to society, but it’s possible that would no longer be the case were Crum to receive treatment for mental illness and any addictions he might have.

    With 20-20 hindsight, perhaps Crum should have sought treatment for mental illness and addiction while in prison, and claimed a religious epiphany. Then he could plead guilty, say he is profoundly sorry and has reformed his ways, dedicate the rest of his life to serving the Lord, and beg the jury for mercy. Country folks love a good redemption story; especially one that involves Bible verses and a coming to Jesus. Of course, people like Crum are often not receptive to good advice, and seemingly can’t admit wrongdoing.

    Crum had his day in court and is no longer a threat.

    • Kevin Duke

      Dang, John, you’re a smart, educated and reasonable person. What are you doing here? 😉

      • John B.

        You crack me up! BTW – Who knew MOrons were so tough on crime?

  • Walkeride

    Huntsville State Pen. wont cut him any slack for that kind of attitude, he’ll be dead soon. I am kind of glad, finally some outright justice !

  • allworld

    This is to some degree, “justice being served”, but it is both sad and disturbing that all too many people have such disregard for human life. As motorcyclist we all have horror stories, where jail time would be warranted.

  • Malot1

    Hopefully they play the motorcycle game in his prison. He’s the bike and gets ridden hard with no lube! F$/&in A$&@ole.

  • Sheil

    The old fart is insane, Hopefully he dies in prison because if he is alive when he is released without a doubt he would get behind the wheel and be a menace again.

  • Douglas

    He’d fit right in driving in Russia…..that kind of thing is not uncommon at all there. Everything is taken personally on the roads…..Google “Driving in Russia” on YuTube. Everyone there has a dashcam (I’ve heard because the traffic cops are paid almost nothing, and if in a wreck, the driver offering the bribe doesn’t get the ticket, ergo if the case goes to court, the video will show what happened). There are hundreds of these things on there and it’s quite amazing….that people are that clueless/aggressive/dumb behind the wheel.

  • JWaller

    He’s being locked up in Texas, and that means he’ll most likely run in to a lot of Banditos behind bars. If they find out what he’s in for, they’ll probably tear him to pieces.

    • Abi

      Unfortunately, he’s probably gonna be in Solitary Confinement because the case was so populat

  • Andy Hinds

    A spider bite, huh? Where are the bite marks?

  • pashawn

    Disturbing video to watch. I’m interested in getting one of those dashcams also, not only to look out for myself but for others too. If this footage was not available to law enforcement I bet this dbag would have just gotten a ticket.

  • Richard Dubey

    There you go, you scumbag. You’re lucky you’re still walking. Albeit in a cage. Enjoy your vacation you piece of shit. Hope you die in jail.

  • Texas…

  • fidelcatstro

    15 yrs??? thats too much… should not go in jail for more than a year and banned from driving for life! his actions show a very grudgy man with mental instability so shouldnt be allowed to drive anymore!