A little trash talking is healthy when it comes to competition. It gets both sides heated up, it’s entertaining, and it makes for exciting action once the competition gets underway.

But if a little trash talking is good, then a lot of trash talking must be better, right? The answer is a glorious (and incredibly stupid) yes. That’s the case here with Mickey Mazo (camera bike) and Romer Corbe. After a long bout of heated trash talking on Facebook, the two decided to settle their score with a race. Except this race was to be held in broad daylight on a public road. The pot for this highly illegal race held somewhere in Asia? An estimated $20,000!

The battle generated a lot of local buzz on the internet, and as you’ll see below, a significant number of people came out to cheer their favorite rider. The duo rip around on their highly modified scooters, dodging traffic in both directions, using up the entire road with their knees on the deck and suspensions bouncing. The two stay really close to each other all the way to the line, and as much as I think their actions peg the rev limiter on the stupidity scale, I gotta give them a little credit for their skill – I’d be lying if I said the video wasn’t entertaining. Check it out below.

It goes without saying that Motorcycle.com DOES NOT condone this type of behavior.

  • I like how the cop car just kept driving. Here they would have called in an air strike.

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      Oh, yes, there would have been 5 County Sherrifs, 3 State Troopers, and the police force for whatever local town they were near.

    • Alexander Pityuk

      Of course he did. I guess it’s considered a normal law-abiding riding there.

    • AZgman

      They would have been pepper sprayed… 😮

    • DickRuble

      He was there only to collect his fee..

  • Donnie

    The red fog of racing at it’s best!

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    The saddest part is realizing there were more spectators for this ‘illegal’ road race than for the last two years of MotoAmerica racing.

    • DickRuble

      Maybe because they use bikes that the crowds can relate to; daily mode of transportation hacked/souped up..People can imagine themselves tinkering with their scooter.. And tickets were FREE..

    • John A. Stockman

      Since KRAVE decided to contract with beIN Sports for exclusive broadcast rights, both internet and TV, it has shrunk the viewing audience even more. Just as the second year was going forward, they dumped CBS Sports and let beIN have it. Internet options previously like FansChoice and MotorTrend OnDemand were cut out with the beIN deal. beIN does have internet viewing, but unless you have beIN in your line up (sign up and log-in must be done using your provider’s info), NO access. There are many cable providers that don’t carry beIN at all, yet CBS Sports is part of even basic line ups. Adding beIN to Dish or DirecTV means more $$ per month. Personally, my budget is already at the top, so I can’t afford to get Dish’s highest tier package or the extra $20/month for DirecTV’s “sports package” to just have beIN Sports. Dorna decided the same with MotoGP, now I’m locked out completely from regular broadcast viewing. I hope that MotoAmerica starts up their own independent Video Pass subscription, like WSBK and MotoGP. Those internet services are not affected by ridiculous exclusivity agreements/contracts. I know riders and racing enthusiasts in other parts of the US and a lot of them can’t get beIN. Not sure who authorized a soccer network to lock up broadcast & internet viewing choices, but they really screwed folks; even the people that stuck with the series through DMG’s stupidity. Now many are set back 30 years when we had to wait for the weekly Cycle News to get race coverage in print and photos. Nice work KRAVE…it seems things really do go to the lowest bidder with no concern for the ones that actually watch the racing.

  • FreelancerMG

    At first I thought the 20k pot discussed in the article was so the winner could pay off their fines at the end of the race when one racer almost face plants into the front of the cop car.

  • Old MOron

    That was fooking awesome! I mean, I feel bad because someone is going to die. But I can’t help it. That was awesome. No wonder Carmelo wants to get into Asia.