The ever-curious staff over at discovered this graphic example of the perils of riding like an untrained adventurer in the urban jungle. Unfortunately for him, our hapless crash-test-dummy performs this graphic demonstration while riding almost completely unprotected. What can we learn?

Our valiant demonstration rider approaches the scene of his crash. As these photos progress, you’ll notice he’s travelling roughly twice as fast as the camera vehicle.

We’ve travelled another 10 feet, but our fearless rider has already gone another 20… I guess you just need to pin it to win it!

He’s definitely winning this race!

His skin-colored leathers make a bold fashion statement in Urban MotoGP warfare and are an effective mind game against the other riders. Take it from Valentino Rossi’s #1 fans, Sete Gibernau and Max Biaggi: Head games work!

The ladies will have trouble spotting your bitchin’ tattoos if you cover them up with riding gear. Besides, we’re in Brazil and you’re wearing an MX helmet, what could possibly go wrong?

You’re going to grab a mean side-draft off that white econobox, perfect for a slingshot pass at the end of the straight.



“A friend of a friend once had an XR75 for a summer, and he taught me everything I know about riding, so I’m good to go. My corner entry line and body position are carefully calculated to…. oh, who am I kidding? I really don’t have a clue what the hell I’m doing!”

“I’m setting this cager up for a block-pass … Hey y’all hold my beer and watch this berm-shot!”


“Is it getting hot in herr, good thing I already took off all my clothes.”

That’s definitely going to leave a mark.

“I’m alright! Oww F#@& my hands and knees are killing me! I hope that cop feels some sympathy. Maybe he’ll be impressed that I saved so much cash on riding gear?”

Move along, there’s nothing to see here, folks.