We always recommend you wear adequate safety gear anytime you ride a motorcycle, but let’s face it, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to riding gear. We’d like to know where you feel like your money is best spent.

  • pcontiman

    Thank you Two Bros!

  • 12er

    6 – All of the above


    Helmet, jacket/pants w/armor, boots, gloves. In that order.

    • Gruf Rude

      In order of what I spent, my list matches yours exactly (figuring jacket and pants separately).
      I’ve tried to spend the money on an Aerostich armored suit, but cannot get the sizing right through internet/phone (and the return shipping is murder). If I ever get to Duluth before I quit riding for good, the ‘stich will be the most expensive piece of gear I own, followed by my full-face Shoei.

  • John A. Smith

    Best spent in what sense?

    I simply don’t ride without all my gear anymore, and I ride most every day. 25 years ago I’d ride with a full face helmet, gloves, leather jacket, jeans, and riding boots. Today it’s full face helmet, gloves (usually gauntlets), full suit with armor, and race boots. Some of those items are necessarily more expensive than the others.

    But if you’re asking for a ranking of the most “important” safety gear?

    Helmet, gloves, boots, armored jacket, and armored pants.

  • Lee Mychajluk

    Kind of a vague question. I own a few pieces of each type of gear, and on average a jacket or a pair of pants in my collection probably costs more than an average helmet, but the most expensive piece of gear overall is still one of the helmets. I have a couple of pairs of boots ranging from $125-400, and gloves ranging from $25 to $200. I usually make do with a pair of my everyday UA boxer briefs (~$10), but I’m sure some people probably spend $40 on moto-underwear.

  • Mahatma

    In the long run,helmets.No doubt about that.Gloves comes in second with me since I really like the jacket I’ve got,but gloves for some reason either stop doing it’s job,or a more sexy one comes on the market.

  • TC

    You can find a good fiberglass helmet in ‘last year’s’ style, for about $120. I spend the most on a 4 season ADV style jacket, around $250, which is what I paid for an Alpinestars Valparaiso. (cue the Kinks ‘Low Budget’)

  • David Phillips

    The most expensive thing I have is

    Leather jacket. Has waterproof liner and has lasted 90,000 miles with no sign of giving up. Actual wearing time is hard to say if that matters. I don’t wear it when it’s hot.

    Harley FXRG had it for 9 years. Somewhere around $650 I think.

    Second is my leather overpants. Had them longer but probably worn about the same amount of time.
    Also FXRG As I recall it was $450. About 10 years. Replaced a couple of snaps on the legs. Mostly for cold and rain days.

    Boots, worn for 50,000 miles or so. Not worn out at all. Around $400 or so Sidi On Road. Absolutely water tight. Stand in water all day if you want.

    Helmet is Harley branded modular with the tinted visor. 2 years, $200

    Gloves nothing special. Basic hand protection, synthetic. Waterproof gauntlets for when it’s cold and raining.

    Looking at new pants. Hard to decide.

  • Jay Kincy

    Just make sure it fits, and I mean fits right every where, all items. Nothing worse than having ill fitting gear IMO