Friday is winding down here at the MO Towers. Naturally, the topic of what is happening this weekend has come up as we stand around the espresso bar waiting for our pre-commute massages. We’ve got our weekends planned out: Tom is busy with the construction of the motocross track in his living room. Troy has almost grafted the baby seat to his CBR600R test bike. Burns will be rearranging the furniture in his garage for optimal XDiavel placement. The Dukester is investigating the latest shark guard technology. I’m planning on getting intimate with my R6 as I install another test product. Sounds like we’ll be busy with plenty of moto-entertainment.

So, how about you?

What two-wheeled shenanigans are our loyal MOrons up to this weekend?


  • DickRuble

    Trickle charging…

  • LC4C

    Riding! It’s going to hit 50 degrees in Mass. this weekend and the recent rain has washed away most of the salt. Ski on Friday, ride on Saturday. Nice….

  • Sayyed Bashir

    62°F on Saturday, 66°F on Sunday, and beautiful sunny California weather with spring blossoms everywhere? Wild horses couldn’t keep me indoors this weekend!

  • Born to Ride

    Palomar calls my name…

  • David Gasser

    Riding! It was 68 degrees here in Southeast Ohio – the roads were kinda crappy, but great to be out!

  • JMDonald

    Cleany cleany.

  • Jeff LaLone

    Today was “shovel the roof” day, but tomorrow might be “get a different bike” day! Assuming I’m able to get a hold of the guy, I’ll be swapping my SV650S for a DS-Z400S.

  • Tom

    Valve shims

  • Mahatma

    Posting on motorcycle forums:(

  • aaMOron

    I rode to work Saturday. I work at a motorcycle dealership, so there’s that every Saturday. Today, Sunday, I went to work in the garage recovering my seat on my Wee-Strom. The Seat Concepts foam and cover kit I put on a few weeks back was not to my liking, so I went back with the OEM stuff for now until I find a used Sargent or Corbin on the V-strom forum. It’s been rainy all day, so no go for riding.

  • John B.

    Visiting colleges in the Deep South with my youngest progeny, and calculating how many new motorcycles I can buy when all my kids finish school. Quite a few I imagine.