Now approaching its sixth year, The One Motorcycle Show has quickly become a popular event for custom motorcycle builders. But a half-dozen years hasn’t caused the event or its founder, Thor Drake, to take themselves too seriously, as this week’s video attests. Drake and the See See Motor Coffee Co. spoof the custom motorcycle scene (Because sparks make it look … legit!) to promote this year’s show.

Pictures From The One Motorcycle Show 2014

The One Motorcycle Show runs Feb. 13-16 in Portland, Ore. Admission is free, so if you’re in the area, drop by and check it out.

  • Craig Hoffman

    That was funny as hell.

  • Huddy

    Joke all you want, shops like Dime City Cycles are making motorcycling cool again for people with style. Who would you rather hang out with: The guy with the carefully thought out riding outfit and the vintage bike brought back from the dead or the guy in the tank top and flip flops doing wheelies in front of your house on his GSX-R?

    • R_Melaun

      You do realize that those are not the only two choices – yes? As for me, I am probably not going to hang out with either one.

    • roma258

      I choose to hang out with guys in leather onesies. It’s um…an alternative to the lifestyles you present as the sole options.

    • I chose to hang-out with the ones who actually ride well. You know… the ones who could care less about “cool” or posing on/in whatever is trendy.

    • Huddy, I think this article might be a little closer to what you’re looking for: “Do you wear denim when you ride? I usually wear head-to-toe denim on the bike. In the summer months, it’s always denim shorts with stockings for protection. You have to have something between you and the asphalt—“dress for the slide not for the ride.”

      • Huddy

        Very professional Sean.

  • Luke

    All this video needs is an add for grinders at the end, with a tag line “sparks are cool”

  • Making an old Kawasaki look cool! Very nice. So wish I could get up to Portland to see this show.