This week’s video comes courtesy of German custom parts and accessories maker Wunderlich. The latest project from the BMW specialist is a Scrambler based on the liquid-cooled R1200GS.

Produced with the help of Sport-Evolution, the Wunderlich Scrambler, removing almost all traces of the GS. The telelever suspension is replaced by a conventional telescopic fork while the frame, chassis, fuel tank, seat and wheels are all new, turning the prototypical adventure-tourer into a dirt scrambler.

The liquid-cooled engine was modified, with new camshafts, lighter connecting rods and forged pistons. Wunderlich claims the Scrambler pumps out 156 hp compared to the stock BMW R1200GS which claims 125 hp.

But enough with the specs, let’s take a look at the Wunderlich Scrambler in action!

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  • ducatirdr

    Best looking BMW I’ve seen in a long time.

    • fastfreddie

      My thoughts excactly.Who knew I’d ever want a BMW…

  • Oslo Norway

    OK, that is seriously cool…

  • drivit

    alternate method for a MAP sensor reading, or carbs disguised as throttle bodies? BMW running this one up the pole to warm you up for the new R1200R, can’t wait.

  • Luke

    Hats off to the makers of that video – best “music + motorcycle sound” I’ve heard in a long time (maybe ever). It’s the type of video that makes me want to be a better rider. It also is amazing to me that the bike in question is a 1200cc BWM! Great looking/sounding bike too!

  • Reid

    ok, this is seriously cool.

  • coma44

    I want one!

  • Mark Barnett

    Pointless bike porn for people who should know better.