This week’s video is yet another take on the motorcycle versus car race, but with one catch: neither competitor is old enough to go to school yet. Introducing the motorcycle-riding Tima Kuleshov (2 years old at the time of filming last fall) and kart driver Makar Zheleznyak (4 years old).

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Tima was introduced to riding at a young age by his parents, Alexander and Victoria Kuleshov, starting off with a strider bike when he was about 19 months old and a few months after his second birthday he started learning on a minibike (with training wheels). The training wheels soon came off, and on came a custom-made leather suit. For more information about Tima, visit his webpage,

Makar is no slouch either, competing as the youngest racer in the Ukrainian Karting Championship. For more about Makar, visit his Facebook page.

  • Old MOron

    Great find, Dennis. It looks like they even swapped some paint at about 1:10. Ha ha ha.

  • Born to Ride

    Where can I get a pocket bike like that for my daughter? She will be two before I know it!

  • Douglas

    Can a 16yr old ride in the IOM TT? If so, Tima should be ready by then…..and Makar in the Monaco GP at 18? By that time, both should have experience of riders/drivers half again their ages….neat.

  • Ducati Monster

    Kids are awesome! Put a wide grin on my face; thank you, Dennis 🙂

  • Kudos to the parents for providing such awesome training/recreation for their kids, but I want to punch finger-less gloves kid’s dad in the jaw. Why not actually protect the kid’s hands?

    • James

      This reminds of of a guy I saw taking his kid home from school one afternoon. He was in full gear yet his kid was wearing shorts and a tshirt and only had a helmet protecting him!

  • Vrooom

    Holy crap the kid on the bike was 2?! That’s crazy. He’s going to be talented at 9, not that he isn’t already. They look like they’re having a blast.