For this week’s video, we decided to do a public service announcement for all of our readers with young children. Toddlers are curious creatures, and parents have to be especially careful about letting them around small items that they may put into their mouths and try to swallow. Or perhaps use to damage an expensive motorcyle.

This young mother learned a lesson after her toddler kept sticking small items in the exhaust pipe of her Aprilia RSV4. She now keeps her exhaust pipe plugged when it’s parked in the garage.

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As she explains in the video’s description:

“Third time my toddler son put objects down my #RSV4 motorcycle exhaust pipe. I have a exhaust pipe plug now for when the bike is garaged!

One of our other motorcycles he put a socket tool down the exhaust and got stuck in the baffle layers; thankfully we wanted to replace that stock slip-on. This time I took video of items he found to put in there (fuel can vent covers) and how I got them out of the exhaust. #brap”

We have to admit, it’s kind of cute in a way. But then, we’re not the ones that have to go and replace a damaged exhaust.

  • clumseyfingers

    I had a toddler (who is now age 29) that thought the exhaust pipe on my ATV was a handy place to put the garden hose, complete with water. That cost me an engine!

    • BryanTai



    Why is her toddler able to get anywhere near a fuel refiller canister?!!! Forget stuffing things in an exhaust (or the risk of getting burned!), why are the gas canisters within range of a child that could harm themselves in a variety of ways with them?

    • Jeremy

      I R Confused as well… my garage has saws, drills, blades, hammers, heavy blunt objects, screws, rivets, things that a child could swallow, chemicals, acids, paint, poison, etc. everything that a toddler should never be near even supervised. I am not surprised by what children do, but the temptation some parents provide children and then are surprised with the outcome. This is completely the parent’s fault; nothing cute about bad parenting. I am happy it came at the cost of the motorcycle… because if the child get’s hurt I don’t think that law enforcement is going to be anywhere near as amused.

      • Beeg

        I wonder if she would think it’s cute when the 400lb+ bike falls on the kid. Aww honey look, they’re cuddling!

  • ducatirdr

    That’s exactly what my daughter did years ago to my Hawk GT with dog kibble. She filled my exhaust till no more would go in. I went to start the bike after the winter ended and couldn’t get it running. I pulled the tank and air box and sprayed some starter fluid. It ran but it was silent. I blipped the throttle and had a stream of burning dog kibble shooting across the driveway into the snow bank. I pulled the exhaust and got the rest of it out. I thought it was a mouse or something till I asked my daughter if she had done it. She asked me if I would get mad if she said yes… LOL