No adorable animals for this week’s video, no cute kids, no wild stunts, no viral marketing gimmicks and no funny gags. Just a motorcycle ride through one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris.

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  • JMDonald

    Vive la France!

  • Ozzy Mick

    I hope you don’t see this as a political comment but I’m sorry about the unintended mistiming celebrating Paris, almost to the day of the horrendous terror attacks, Den. But, IMO, your story does reinforce that the freedoms we enjoy, especially as bike riders, should always be treasured and never be taken for granted.

    • denchung

      It’s not an unintended mistiming. I did select this video for this weekend because I feel it represents those freedoms as well as the beauty of the city at a time when we need to remember all of that.

  • – RunningWithScissors –

    Showing the sheer awesomeness of Paris, IMHO the most beautiful city in the world, as a great counterpoint to the recent tragedy there!

  • Stibbs11

    Very nice, well done, not short & not too long, many interesting places to visit.
    Peace to all.

  • womansintuition

    Beautiful! Much needed.