A motorcyclist in Oklahoma made headlines around the world this week after rescuing a kitten that somehow found itself stuck in an intersection. The woman, identified only as Laney, filmed the whole incident with her GoPro, and the video has already been seen 2.6 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded on Monday.

The video begins innocently enough, with Laney stopped at a normal red light, until the 0:11 mark. Look closely as the red car crosses the intersection. After it passes, a small orange kitten appears on the road. Laney didn’t notice until about the 0:41 mark just as a truck carrying a tractor passes through, missing the kitten by just a few feet. Thinking quickly, Laney eases her way into to intersection, waving at oncoming traffic. She finally sees a chance to hop off her Honda and scoop up the cat to carry it to safety.

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The kitten survived, scared, but healthy. Laney has since adopted the kitten, naming him “Skidmark”. Here’s a video Laney uploaded yesterday to provide an update on Skidmark.

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  • Old MOron

    This is a touching story – even if the first video is not the correct one.
    But I googled up the actual kitten rescue. Nicely done, Laney.

    • Alexander Pityuk

      I can feel Kevin’s hand in the mystery of lost video…

  • JMDonald

    A victory we can all share.

  • denchung

    Dang it. My bad on the video mixup.

  • Marshall Taylor

    I liked the exasperated, “Oh Jeezus come on!” waiting for the light to change.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I rescued a cute puppy a few weeks back and it’s had like 1 view. I guess it helps if you’re a cute chick, instead of some old dude.