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31 | Updated 05

Weekend Awesome – Motorcycle Cop Chases, Shoots at Fleeing Car

You’d be forgiven if you thought this week’s clip was from a video game. But no, this footage is, in fact, from a real chase scene with a South African police in pursuit of a fleeing car. The chase begins at about the 1:50 mark when the motorcycle-riding officer spots the suspects in a red BMW 5-series. The officer then flips on his siren and guns the throttle on his BMW F800. It doesn’t take long before he gets close – and then draws his gun, firing several shots at the car!

It’s unclear why the police were chasing after the car, but it’s clear from the beginning there was a concerted effort to find the suspects. We also can’t tell why the officer chose to fire his weapon; what is alarming is the number of children seen throughout the video, either on the side of the road or at one point, running across the street as the car approaches.