You’d be forgiven if you thought this week’s clip was from a video game. But no, this footage is, in fact, from a real chase scene with a South African police in pursuit of a fleeing car. The chase begins at about the 1:50 mark when the motorcycle-riding officer spots the suspects in a red BMW 5-series. The officer then flips on his siren and guns the throttle on his BMW F800. It doesn’t take long before he gets close – and then draws his gun, firing several shots at the car!

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It’s unclear why the police were chasing after the car, but it’s clear from the beginning there was a concerted effort to find the suspects. We also can’t tell why the officer chose to fire his weapon; what is alarming is the number of children seen throughout the video, either on the side of the road or at one point, running across the street as the car approaches.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    He needs to learn to shoot left handed.

  • Dootinbob

    He needs to learn how to shoot right handed too, lol. liability and collateral damaged are apparently not taught at their academy!

  • dW

    the shooter complains that the driver “must have missed the children by “……yet has no qualms about firing a weapon, at speed, from a moving motorbike, whilst chasing straight through intersections, in a populated area……

  • john phyyt

    16/17 shots: Not one hit the target or disabled the car. I think early Indian chiefs, had throttle on left hand side so Police could fire with their right. Mmmm..

    • john phyyt


  • novemberjulius

    In other countries rule of law may be more closely associated with rules of engagement. We don’t know the whole back story of this incident. Also, some countries utilize elite, fast moving, police units to apprehend suspects. In the US we have a lot of SWAT units, but when I lived in Mexico I noticed a lot of motorcycle police packing SMG’s. In Brazil there are lots of scooter chases where motorcycle police engage armed suspects on scooters.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    There was no need to shoot the gun as far as I can see from the video. Police SUVs were following very close behind the bike, there was no way to drop the tail for the suspects.
    You can argue that they probably were armed mad dangerous bastards, but trying to shoot them didn’t do anybody any good. It was a properly messed up chase.

    • Kevin Duke

      Let’s not forget that this is South Africa, where, despite the end of apartheid, blacks often aren’t given respect.

      • Ian Parkes

        Ha! Who says Americans don’t get irony.

  • bob2

    how many were injurd/killed by all those shots that missed? this Was a neighborhood…..

  • Ian Parkes

    Not sure why this is seen as particularly bad. I mean, it is clearly very, very wrong but is it any different from cops shooting recklessly from a car?

  • Chris

    GTA V