The title of this week’s video is “Unbelievably lucky scooter rider”, but if he were truly lucky, his close brush with death wouldn’t have ever happened to begin with. Actually, luck wouldn’t even have factored into the equation if the rider been paying more attention to the traffic in front of him and was more cautious.

Still, we’re glad the rider made it out of this alive.

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  • fastfreddie

    That was just effing retarded!

  • jbmadness

    It’s amazing that the filming rider wasn’t the worst one on the road. Both were riding wreckless for the 1st world. This may be the norm for their country though.

  • octodad

    did you see his feet get crushed by the following truck? this will be a long term problem. cannot believe he didn’t notice the trucks turn signal. too fast for conditions….

  • MikeinDenver

    What an idiot. Hopefully he doesn’t have kids as dumb as him. Riding like a complete arse.

  • Sato san

    I’m from this country “Thailand” .. i agreed that both rider are riding recklessly. Luckily no one got killed in this video..

  • Suradet Sankeaw

    Yamaha tricity in accident.