Here on MO, we’re all for getting kids on bikes and learning to ride at an early age but this is not what we had in mind. According to the video description, this kindergarten student had been riding his minibike to school for a couple of weeks before someone finally put a stop to it.

Admittedly, if I was this kid’s age, I’d probably think it was pretty cool. As a grown up, however, I get a sharp pang of horror seeing him cross the intersection in front of traffic with drivers who, thankfully, were alert and likely just as much in shock at the sight.

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Remember folks, if you want to teach your kids to ride, make sure they wear proper equipment and keep them off the street until they’re old enough!

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Buncha whining pansies.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Agree totally. Yeah, the kid needs a helmet, but god forbid he fall and scrape his whittle knee. For the record, I knew of several kids who got his by cars riding bicycles and walking to school. You can’t have kids living in a bubble.

      • I think the issue would be with the 90-degree left into an active intersection without so much as a glance. The kid clearly didn’t know anything about how NOT to get killed by a car. The objections you are reading aren’t about concern he might get a little skinned-up. They are about him being crushed by an automobile.

        • Bill Pollack

          I’m not so sure.

          At the start of the video, when he’s going straight, the blue car that’s stopped (ahead, off the port bow, in terms of his ride, the one that appears at about the four-second mark) is certainly in his field of view.

          Next, before his left turn — and this is difficult to be certain of — it looks as if he does a quick head check (at about the three-second mark) for traffic that might be coming from the other direction (i.e., his rear, at the time before he makes the turn).

          Also, it looks to me as if he might have just ridden alongside the white car when he was first going straight (before the video starts). That car (first shown at about the six-second mark) doesn’t appear to have just stopped that instant (no nose dive, for instance), which is why I think that he rode alongside it.

          Obviously we don’t get an indication of what was going on before the video rolls, but he might have done a head check vis-a-vis that side road that he first crosses.

          Yes, I’m concerned for his safety, too, but he may be more safety conscious than it would first appear.

        • SetNick

          Whats amazing is that he took that turn like a champ.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    That kid is awesome. But still too young to be doing that.

  • ducatirdr

    Dropped my daughter off at school in 2nd grade. School was a block away. We pulled up in the parent drop off line on the Harley with its typical look at me skeptical . Yep she thought it was the best. She’s now in her mid 20’s and just mentioned this story to me the other day. I almost forgot about it but for her it was a deep permanent memory from that day, just like this kid.

  • Trey VonZimmer

    Real cute…until he ends up as a hood ornament. He needs to learn traffic laws and wear proper protective equipment, big FAIL for his parents.

  • Kevin

    I just don’t get how so many people can watch a 29 second video clip and assume they know enough about anyone to start making life guiding decisions for them!