We all know that, in some circles, motorcyclists don’t have the best reputation. In fact, some riders openly embrace the biker-as-outlaw myth. Hollywood certainly loves to spin this yarn. However, the current installment of Weekend Awesome illustrates that some riders just aren’t cut out for the thug life. You might even say that this is an example of a true victimless crime. What’s the guy gonna do? Call the cops?

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  • Jeremy

    What is this I am watching? Did the guy give her his keys? Did he steal the bike and she is stealing it back? Very confused.

    • Brett Daugherty

      Looks like he was an idiot and stole her purse/bag, but left the keys in the bike. So she took the bike.

      • Jeremy

        Fair enough, I will go along with that. I can’t process why he would come on a motorcycle and then try to leave on foot. I mean, either she or someone else would surely take the bike and if nothing else the police would seize it when they came out to take the report. I R Confused but not going to waste any more time trying to understand stupid people.

        • Evans Brasfield

          You’ve already spent more time on this video than it deserves. I just posted it because it was funny. With the amount of money I usually have in my wallet, I wouldn’t mind being robbed this way.

  • Ajit Menon

    a bike for a purse
    best deal ever

  • Tinwoods