Weekend Awesome – Giraffe Tries to Mount a GS

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When these gentlemen set out on their adventure-tourers, we’re pretty sure this wasn’t quite the kind of adventure they had in mind. In this edition of the Weekend Awesome, we watch a rider go up close and personal with a giraffe. Or rather, the giraffe goes up and personal with his BMW 1150 GS.

Somebody should have told it that “GS” does NOT stand for “Giraffe Sex.”

WARNING: Yes, there’s some Discovery Channel-style action here, so if you’re the sort to feel offended by that sort of thing, this might not be for you.

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  • Craig Hoffman

    I know the GS has a tall seat height that appeals to riders with long legs, but this is a ridiculous amount of legs and appeal :)

  • Cam

    That’s an impressively supportive kickstand on that GS!

  • ssdajoker

    Horny ass Giraffe


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