These crazy Frenchies are having waaay too much fun racing small-displacement two-strokes on public roads!



French vintage road raceCheckout some of the moves going on in this French road race. :-O

Posted by Calsport on Thursday, February 4, 2016

  • DickRuble

    Awesome! Some great riding on less than sorted out bikes..

  • JoMeyer

    Goodness, 22 is a tenatious fellow. Wonky suspension be damned!

    • Born to Ride

      Excellent wheel spin management. I thought he was gonna highside into the crowd on that last corner.

      • Old MOron

        Did you notice the left hander at about 1:12? It seemed like the front end closed up a little for our red-bike pilot.

    • Old MOron

      Your mean 221, the guy with the blue seat at the end?
      Yeah, he was awesome. They all were.

  • Michael Howard

    According to the comments on Facebook (where this video was posted), this race was in Colombia, not France.

    • 12er

      Ive seen a few youtube vids of other similar races down there. This one seemed a bit higher on the speed than others Ive seen. Love that Air fen, uh er Curb… lol

    • Goose

      The writing on the road being in Spanish supports your post. Last I checked the French speak and write French.

  • Camilo

    Yeah, I’m from Colombia and it definitely is here. Really cool race!