Adventure bikes are one of the trendiest motorcycle segments today, but for every ADV review or unveiling we publish, it’s become de rigueur for commenters to ask “…but how often are people actually going to ride these off-road anyways?” It’s a fair question, as a lot of so-called adventure-tourers will rarely stray off the tarmac.

But many do take their bikes off-road, and not just on the odd fire road. If you’re interested in starting, why not take some inspiration from Red Bull-sponsored racer and off-road riding coach Chris Birch showing his skills on the KTM 1190 Adventure R in his native New Zealand:

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A Red Bull Romaniacs and Roof of Africa winner, Birch has also been teaching off-road riding since 2005. While most of his programs are in New Zealand and Australia, Birch also runs courses at various locales around the world. For m0re information, visit

  • Craig Hoffman

    I do all those things – on my 250 pound 450cc dirt bike! Pretty amazing what a talented rider like Chris can do on a “big girl”.

  • Goose

    Seeing my favorite pace (NZ) was great. Nice motorcycle riding too.

  • john phyyt

    I for one would be having a ball If I were riding the same trails on a KTM freeride: And laughing in my helmet. Give me the same heavy “Adventure Bike” and well. I can’t see the fun;

    • Craig Hoffman

      Unless the MC is given to them for free, or it is a KTM promo video, I doubt too many ADV bikes that cost 17K plus get ridden this way. The “theoretical” capabilities of the bike are impressive though.

      With ya on the Freeride, or a Beta Cross Trainer. A two stroke is my next move after the current 450. Back to a lighter and simpler bike, back to my roots 🙂

  • EcoMouse

    Any rider with his skills could probably do that on a Harley. However, it seems to me that where he was riding would have been more fun and less work on a 250cc or 450cc dirt bike. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Ser Samsquamsh

    “…but how often are people actually going to ride these off-road anyways?”

    Answer is, “It doesn’t matter!”. Companies sell the fantasy. No one actually needs a bike like this one. I tried one and it’s pretty awesome though so why the hell not? 🙂