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31 | Updated 09

Weekend Awesome – Backflip Over Airplane With a Highliner

Almost exactly two years ago, we posted a Weekend Awesome video of Cody Elkins jumping a bike over an airplane. As great as that stunt was, there’s always room for improvement. Like, say, adding a tight rope walker. Or rather, a highliner, to be specific.

In what is being called a world first, freestyle motocross rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick performing a backflip over a plane operated by stunt pilot Melissa Andrzejewski while Sketchy Andy Lewis balances above them on a highline (a slackline, only, you know, higher).

The stunt could have been crazier. Fitzpatrick’s back flip isn’t directly under Lewis, for instance. Still, it takes tremendous concentration from all three of them to pull it off.

Here’s another clip of the stunt: