Thirty-four-year-old, Guy Martin, cheated death last night in Great Britain as he successfully set a new Wall of Death speed record of 78.15 mph. At that speed Martin was experiencing intense G-forces upwards of 5.2G. “10G was far too much, but a wall of 40m (120 feet) in diameter would allow Guy to take on slightly less,” said event presenter, Steve Jones. Following the high-speed thrill ride the TT racer from Grimsby, Lincolnshire sipped a cup of tea.

  • Michael Mireles

    Too narrow. I’m not liking how many of them look like trials bikes, but nonetheless, a great idea. If we end up going this way in the near future, I’m going to miss my loud exhaust.

    Great looks on this bike, however.

  • williamthrilliam

    Why do these bikes have transmission? I thought one of the bonuses of an electric motor is that you aren’t really limited by rpm?

    • denchung

      From Tom Roderick’s comparo between the Zero S and the six-speed Brammo Empulse R ( :
      “Brammo’s Empulse, like ICE-powered motorcycles, uses a six-speed transmission to match the torque ratio more equally to the speed being travelled. The controller still dictates how much battery power is used, but its influence is lessened and the result is quicker off-the-line acceleration and a higher top speed.”

  • Okay, this just shows how awesome TT racers are. He just broke a wall of death record for no real good reason other than to see if he could do it, on a bike he “built a few miles away in his shed.” Can you imagine Rossi or Pedrosa doing this? Me neither.

    • Gruf Rude

      … and on an old classic pushrod BSA Rocket 3 engine in a Rob North frame!

  • ColoradoS14


  • Alexander Pityuk

    I feel sick just from watching this. What a man!

  • fzrider

    I wanna see some side by side racing. And why have the track horizonal instead of vertical?

    • Gruf Rude

      Did it back in my grandpa’s day – 1910 – 1920. They built high-wall board tracks a mile long or longer. Incredibly dangerous; killed spectators as well as the racers. 100 mile per hour, big-motored beach bicycles; riders wore leather helmets and wool sweaters. Google/Bing board track motorcycles if you are interested.

      • fzrider

        Found some amazing footage on u-tube. Thanks for the suggestion.