This, boys and girls, is why you should always wear proper riding gear when you’re on a motorcycle. Remember, he wasn’t going terribly fast, and when you see his fingers dangling in the after crash footage, you’ll understand that off-road gloves won’t do you much good on pavement. Now, let’s consider his leg protection – which was nothing more than a smattering of youthful hair. At least he had the good sense to wear a helmet.

Final score: Asphalt: 1, Rider: 0

  • Jason M.

    I’ll forever have a scar on my left leg from a low side while wearing jeans. I won’t preach ATGATT, but road rash hurts like a B.

    • mugwump

      Debridement too. 40 years later doctors still ask how long ago some of the marks were made.

  • TC

    Practicing wheelies on the street while wearing no protective gear. Sorry, Evans, this foolish young man has no good sense at all.

    • Ella

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      • Jon Jones

        Practice wheelies in the nude, doll.

      • john phyyt

        Just go away. KAREN. I Know that you are some sort of robo-Moron but this is a site dedicated to motorcycling. If you could read i would get you to look up “counter productive guerilla advertising”
        Also i have apprroached Google about your stuff in particular.

    • Larry Kahn

      Well this was a very good learning opportunity I suspect. Or hope anyway.

    • Laura

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  • Jon Jones

    I’ve seen newbies try to wheelie before they possess even basic motorcycle skills.

    They don’t stick with the sport long, thankfully.

  • mikstr

    Ride like a moron, dress like a moron… predictable result…..

  • JWaller

    I think at one point, we were all young, dumb, ten feet tall, and bullet proof, so I’ll cut the guy some slack and be thankful that he’ll eventually recover from this. Some of us luck out and are able to learn to wear the protective gear by seeing the pain in others. Some have to learn the hard way. I hope this guy has learned his lesson, but it doesn’t seem so from the video description where he writes, “ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET!”. It should say, “ALWAYS WEAR ALL YOUR GEAR!”

    • Fabian

      Exactly. Now almost 60, I sometimes freak out in retrospect going down the memory lane. Luck, angels, whatever helped. There is an age for everything.

  • edbob

    Great bike. Stick with it, wear more clothes next time though.

    • Matt

      He gripped the bars too tightly, exaggerating the wobble until he crashed.

    • TC

      What happened? He was trying a high risk maneuver on the street and crashed his bike. Motorcycles are not designed to be ridden on the back wheel. Get a dirt bike and try your stunts on a safe course, where the public is not put in danger.

    • Twalkerspoon

      That happens on dirt bikes too. When speed wobbles happen, it doesn’t seem like there is much the rider can do. Basically the transition from a light front, to added down force on the forks is when it happens. I saw the same thing happen to a guy who was wide open on a dirt bike. He then chopped the throttle (front wheel on the ground the whole time). Basically what you saw on this video is what happened to him, but he was on dirt, wearing gear, and not knocked out. Rider technique and a properly serviced steering head will go a long way in keeping that from happening..

  • Matt

    His friends praising him are idiots too.

    • Strat

      Yeah, but according to the first guy, he’s gnarly, and apparently that’s all that matters.

  • Buzz

    Well, minus the gear issue, that was a bada$$ long wheelie!

  • Clay Nicolsen

    Where do I start…

    1. If the crash was not simply a trivial drop, and the down rider is injured, and is breathing, DO NOT remove the helmet.
    2. Call 911 immediately. EMS, not bystanders, will determine next steps when they arrive.
    3. Control traffic and protect the scene until EMS arrives.
    4. DO NOT let the rider try to stand or move. Keep the rider lying down.
    5. Have someone kneel on either side of the rider’s helmet so as to stabilize the head and neck as much as possible. The simple fact that the rider is not paralyzed at this exact moment doesn’t mean shit.

    • Fabian

      I was also shocked when I saw the guy remove the helmet.

      • Clay Nicolsen

        If a rider has been in a non-trivial crash, the only time you remove the helmet is to begin CPR, and, as many people do not fully understand, you do not do CPR on someone who is alive.

        He’s breathing and has a pulse? Leave the helmet on.

  • Martin Buck

    Just lucky an 18 wheeler wasn’t following close behind.

  • Patriot159

    No sympathy. Idiot.

  • don’t watch if you are sensitive 🙁

  • Andy S

    This guys injuries were caused by him riding like a twat. As usual with these video’s, that particular issue is avoided. Seems not wearing gear is deemed irresponsible, but riding dangerously is condoned. Absolute hypocrisy.

  • PAra

    I don’t feel bad for anyone who had a wheelie crash with no gear on.

  • Jaybird248

    Required viewing for all newbies ever caught popping wheelies on pavement.

  • Hope he learns a valuable lesson from this – ATGATT dude!