4. Look At The Loan Cost Beyond Just Monthly Payments

Top 10 First Motorcycle

The monthly nut you’ll pay for the privilege of riding your bike is important. If you can’t make that for the years you sign up for at the time of purchase, you’ll end up selling your bike. However, look into the future. Is it prudent to buy a less expensive bike now, when you only have an inkling of what kind of rider you are going to be? Should you get something less expensive, with lower monthly payments, so that you can afford to buy gear and accessories over the life of your motorcycle? What about maintenance costs? If the money isn’t there after your payment, are you going to play Russian Roulette by riding with worn out tires or brakes?

While considering these issues isn’t sexy – and is really hard when you’re all hot-and-bothered over a particular motorcycle – they will affect your enjoyment of your bike over the long term.