8.Consider a Starter Bike

Top 10 First Motorcycle

No, a starter bike is not going to be your dream bike, but whatever it is, it will hold a special place in your heart. Remember your first crush? First kiss? First time you made another person’s toes curl? Your first bike will be like that.

Be aware of your novice skill level. Yeah, everyone wants to be a pro, but the reality is you have to earn that status. Rossi didn’t start with MotoGP bikes. You shouldn’t start with top-of-the-line either.

Fact: You will drop your first bike at a complete stop for the silliest of reasons. Fact: Statistically, you are most likely to crash during your first year of riding.

Look at smaller, lower-powered, less expensive bikes. The good news is that the current crop of motorcycles in this category are nice looking, fun to ride, and even feature some cool technology. The days of small-displacement bikes being the training bras of motorcycling are over.

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