10.Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Top 10 motorcycle safety

While an argument could be made that taking a motorcycle safety course should be number one on this list, making it the most important item and last one you should complete to ensure that the information will be fresh the day you pick up your bike, it should really be undertaken as early in the process of buying your first bike as possible. The reason is pretty simple. Motorcycling isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, some people don’t find out until after they’ve spent thousands of dollars acquiring one.

As a former instructor, I can vouch for the upset experienced by people who, during the course of the class, discover that, although they really want to ride, the simple truth is that, for any number of reasons, they really shouldn’t. Or can’t. Either way, the decision is much harder to swallow after the motorcycle has been purchased.

We don’t need to get into all the benefits of completing a class. You can read about them here.