Top 10 Photos

I’m pretty sure my coworkers thought I was nuts (and they are probably right) when I said our Baggers Brawl route would include a section of dirt roads. Or maybe they’ve come to expect it from me (See #10 a couple pages back). However, I’m not the only one that gets the occasional wild hair. Troy’s tour of LA’s best veggie burrito joints immediately comes to mind. In an effort to make our stories entertaining in addition to being informative, we do have to do some silly stuff on occasion. I consider that one of the perks of the job.

While this photo was exactly what I was looking for in California City, I did have to cheat a little. The top of the sign is actually about four feet higher in the air which destroyed how I wanted to compose the shot. So, I shot two frames: one of the bike and the sign and another with the same exposure and focus of the top of the sign. The rest is thanks to Photoshop which allowed me to shorten the sign.

Baggers Brawl