This BMW R60 stays in the family.

We stumbled across this very nice video by Petrolicious, starring dashing Hollywood stuntman and friend of MO Tom McComas, along with his Dad and the R60 BMW TM Senior bought in 1963. You might remember the younger Tom from the Archive we did about his rare and beautiful 1989 GSX-RR a few months ago (which happily included the rare and beautiful 1994 Savannah Lynx).

But he’s probably more famous for being in a shedload of TV shows and films beginning with Baywatch and continuing in the latest CHiPs…

To be honest, we stumbled across the vid on Facebook, which is where we also learned just this morning, tragically, that TM was not one of the lucky 500 chosen to be able to purchase a new $450,000 Ford GT to park in the large garage of his beachfront Venice digs. Some guys just can’t catch a break. Our heart goes out to you, Tom.

  • Jason

    “You’ve got mail.”

  • Donnie

    What’s the deal with this guy? He was also on Cycle World’s website this week. He must have a good publicist.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I once tried to get off my bike without putting it on a sidestand. Scared the shit out of me. This guy holds this 200 kg motorcycle like a feather.

    • Martin Buck

      It’s a sign of how well balanced these BMWs are. The sticky out cylinders act like a tight rope walker’s balance pole. That’s why they’re such a joy to take around corners. And they are so smooth at cruising speed! A plain, simple, elegant design that just works. And they look great. BMW should make these again, far prettier than the ugly things they turn out now.

  • Starmag

    I know how to work Mr. Google and all, but was there a link to the video in this article?

    • Kevin Duke

      Yep, right below the last paragraph and above the Suggested Readings subhead.