Whether you consider yourself a friend or a foe of the boys in blue, you’ve got to hand it to these law enforcement officers for the rigorous training they endure to be Motor Cops. If given the opportunity, would you go through this Motorcycle Police School just for fun?

  • DickRuble

    Doesn’t seem like they can ride much, and they show the maturity level you’d expect. All that on taxpayer’s dime.

    • hipsabad

      steroids don’t build grey matter

  • Mark D

    Wow, these guys suck at riding! Don’t they, you know, learn how to ride before being picked a motorcycle cops?!

    • HazardtoMyself

      I met a motor officer a few years ago who happened to also be an instructor.

      Ended up talking about the training they go through. At the time he said they preferred people with zero riding experience. Said it was easier to teach someone brand new to riding then breaking the bad habits of people who thought they already knew how to ride.

      • Stoney Bert

        I agree with you on that ! 👍

      • DickRuble

        That recruiting strategy extends to other areas they don’t want any skills.. for fear of bad habits. The only requirement is swagger.

        • Dale

          Well the ex motorcycle policeman that taught my training class is a highly skilled rider and the training he had was very demanding.

          • DickRuble

            I am sure their instructors know what they are doing. I have seen a few demos by Harley riding officers and it was impressive what they could do between the cones. It turned out they were instructors.

      • Mark D

        Fascinating! But that does make sense.

    • blansky

      I’m guessing the video was showing the progress from the start of the training to the finishing. And they were riding pigs not really meant for easy handling. I realize there are some videos of the cop rallies where they use cruiser style motorcycles and are incredible but I doubt that would be their first choice.

      I noticed our local cops went back to Harleys after a few years on BMW probably due to cost but and wonder if the officers were real happy.

      • Mark D

        Yeah you’re right. I just assumed moto cops came in with some base of knowledge.

        If the first bike I road was a Road King with 150 extra pounds of cop gear, I’m sure I’d have looked even sillier!

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Doing this kind of stuff on a 1K-pound motorcycle surely doesn’t help at all…

  • Sayyed Bashir

    You should see them after they have finished the school. I saw two cops, one on a BMW and the other on a full dress Harley, doing tight figure eights and circles around each other in a very small parking lot as if it was nothing. After that, I gave up any thoughts I ever had of trying to get away from a motorcycle cop. Professional training makes all the difference. MSF is nothing compared to Police School.

  • therr850

    They showed too much the inexperienced rookies and not enough of the finished polished product and what was with the silly string?

  • Vegas Rider

    Going around cone patterns doing 18ft circles, u-turns, etc is not difficult. It just takes practice. I can do everything they can on my Ducati 1200 Multistrada. Unfortunately, most riders don’t practice honing their slow speed skills. Motogymkhana is a sport that is similar to police rodeos for civilians. You may want to look into it, just google it.