It’s a little out of’s wheelhouse to be talking about bicycles, but in the case of the Scrambler from Vintage Electric Bicycles it’s easy to make an exception. That’s because at first glance the Scrambler could almost be confused for a motorcycle.

Vintage Electric Bicycles is a small, boutique shop out of San Jose, California building, you guessed it, electric bicycles. However, with the word Vintage in its name you’d expect the company’s products to be a little bit different – and you’d be right. The company’s three offerings: the Cruz, Tracker, and now the Scrambler, are all inspired by vintage motorcycles. But where the Cruz and Tracker are meant for the road, the Scrambler stays true to its heritage and can be taken off the beaten path, thanks to knobby tires, and its moto-inspired inverted front fork.

A 3,000 watt hub-mounted motor provides forward motivation for the Scrambler, and it’s powered by a 52v, 13.5AH lithium battery mounted in between the frame spars in VEB’s patent pending aluminum battery box. Apart from protecting vital components, the box also acts as a heat sink and helps disperse heat. In order to comply with federal regulations, the Scrambler (as well as the rest of the VEB lineup) is governed to a top speed of 20 mph. However, after signing a waiver to receive a software plug-in, the owner can unlock Race Mode, which unleashes the full 3,000 watts from the hub motor and allows the Scrambler to reach… 36 miles per hour!

When the battery power runs out the traditional pedals are there to operate the Scrambler like a standard bicycle. Vintage Electric says a recharge takes two hours and regenerative braking is also an option. Other details include a fat, wide handlebar, hydraulic disc brakes, a race-inspired number plate, and a LED headlight and taillight.

In our eyes, both the Scrambler and Tracker are sweet-looking rides. In the case of the Scrambler only 50 will be made, carrying a price tag of $6,995. Financing is available, as is a 12-month, 30,000-mile warranty. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’ll most definitely get you looks. Depending where you live it could even replace a car as an economical means of transportation.

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  • 3kW, 36mph is not a bicycle. That’s a moped. I’m all for it, as long as it’s got a license, insurance, taxed and tested and is treated like a moped. What I don’t want is people treating it like an unlicensed, unregulated bicycle.

    • Kenneth

      The asking price is regulation-enough.

      • Maybe. It’s also illegal in most legislations. E-Bicycles UK-EU 250w-26kph. US 750w-25mph. Go ahead and build electric mopeds that meet moped laws. Just don’t call it a bicycle.

  • Vrooom

    Cool yes. $7K cool, no.

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      Go into any decent bicycle shop…and $7k won’t even get you anywhere near top-end for a roadbike or a mountainbike.

      • Vrooom

        I’m sure you’re right, I’m a reasonably avid road and mountain bicyclist , but I get by with much cheaper equipment than that. Thus my comment would probably apply to those bikes too. I like it, could even see an electric bike being practical for some things, but once you pay $7K I’d probably wish I’d bought another motorcycle. Each to his own.

        • HeDidn’tWeDid

          Yeah, it’s like a roadbike/mountain bike…there is about $800.00 worth of metal and mechanical bits and the rest of the price is pure fluff.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Or, you could buy LITERALLY ANY USED MOTORCYCLE, for the same price. Anything. Street Triple. Hayabusa. Yamaha R6. Ducati 999-I’m just naming bikes I like, but I bet you can find them for the same price! !