As near as we can tell, this guy must have thought he was going over backwards and tapped the rear break to bring the nose down.  It worked!  His passenger will probably make him ride on the bars the next time.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I’m not sure this type of content should be on MO. We tolerate RoadRage/Accidents videos, but only because they contain some useful information to teach ourselves. And this is just pure stupidity.

  • Bladeknight

    I’m not sure but this seem to be a internal area or something like that, it’s not like a public road. That means they can do what the hell they want, training their skill like that. So I see nothing wrong here and agree with Alexander Pityuk, this post is ridiculous af. We don’t want to waste our time to see the useless posts like this.

  • bluesdogbob

    Darwin was right. Over the long run, this kind of stuff improves the gene pool.

  • elgar

    Well…at least protective gear was utilized and they seemed to be practicing their ‘art’ on private property rather than on public roads. Practice makes perfect!!

  • Starmag

    Crash vids, welcome to the bottom of the entertainment barrel. Move over Kardasshians.

  • IronE

    First some fool erasing his skin from a failed wheelie, now this. Sorry, keep this crap on YouTube or I’ll say goodbye to MO.

  • therr850

    Do we know whether the passenger was male or female? Either way, they need a little bit more practice to perfect the face plant.