Two guys riding double on a motorcycle, pulling wheelies as cars are driving past…what could go wrong right? Well despite all of the obstacles on the street, these two guys managed to find one of the only holes in the fence that lines the street. Take a look at this wheelie gone wrong.

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  • Ron Hayes

    And it was all done on a small bike like a 125cc.

  • elgar

    More proof that the ‘squid’ species is truly international in scope and is found on all continents.

    • Mahatma

      Atleast we give you entertainment 😀

      • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

        enjoying a bag of popcorn at your grave-site watching your CRASH & BURN video over & over.

        • Mahatma

          The probability of me dancing on yours is higher judging from your dietary habits 😉

  • Stupid hurts.

    • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa


  • JerryMander

    best possible outcome for everyone except the owner of the fence

    • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

      I was hoping for a large trash bin where they went through the fence.

  • Toldyouso

    Being a rider myself I normally wouldn’t want any pain on another rider – but in this case I have to say: “I hope this hurt. You guys needed a lesson. What are you doing? You’re not alone on the road. What if this goes wrong at a bad time, say into oncoming traffic? Those kinds of stunts have no place on public roads. Definitely not city streets. Knock it off!”

  • Luiz Carlos Laba

    Of Course! it had to be in BRAZIL! HEHEHE

  • ProDigit

    They should have thought of buying a monocycle instead!
    Motorcycles have 2 wheelsa d for a good reason!