• spiff

    Apparently I’m not a Suzuki guy. I’d be in summer school if this counted.

    • HazardtoMyself

      Remember we are in the participation trophy era. An F is now for fantastic so we don’t hurt the little darlings feelings.

      Proud to say I also did fantastic

      • c w

        I’ve seen PeeWeeFB parents in action in person.

        I have no issue with the participation era.

  • Crockette

    D+ student here. How about extra credit for pointing out the blue and white graffiti paint job has been a constant?

  • Mahatma

    got 7/13.Not bad for someone who hasn’t owned a suzuki motorcycle in his life

  • kenneth_moore

    I could have done better picking “B” for every question.

    I would like to have a motorcycle with a “most engorging feature.” It might be a bit hard to ride that way, but at my age you take what you can get.

  • Cami

    6/13…and I guessed on most 🙂

  • sgray44444

    5/13, all using the WAG method.

    • 12er

      I must have copied off your paper

      • sgray44444

        You picked the wrong guy!

  • Matt O

    I guess I need to study my Suzuki history. 6/13. I know Honda and Kawasaki pretty good though

  • Starmag

    Since “sqiudly” is a derogatory term, I don’t feel bad about doing poorly. Thanks for the out John.

    • Mahatma

      Wear that badge proudly!Sooner or later the regulators will get us 😉

  • Craig Hoffman

    8/13, and photographic proof I am an old timer Gixxer Squid. The ’86 1100 finishing up a Metzler rear tire, taken in the late 80’s. Young and dumb, thought I was hot stuff back then.

    That shorty Vance & Hines “CO” muffler was loud. Really loud. Loved the sound of that bike, just idling, the way it growled and rustled, it was just plain malevolent 😛


    • Curtis Brandt

      Can we get an “AMEN”?!

  • John Effing Zoidberg

    “Result text”

  • Mariofz1

    11/13 I forgot that Schwantz crashed in ’87…oh well it was only 30 years ago. Also forgot that Springsteen used to roadrace was in a while.Somehow I remembered the rest : 0

  • Ben Cha

    The ’86 750 LTD has a dry clutch but not an aluminum gas tank, only the ’89 750 RK
    has an aluminum gas tank. The ’86-’88 1100 did not have cartridge forks , it has NEAS(electric anti-dive) forks with conventional damper rods. Cartridge forks first came on the ’88 750J(Showa) and then the ’89 1100K(Kayaba). I was fortunate to own an 750LTD and then an ’89RK when I was younger(before marriage and kids) and now trying to restore an ’87 1100 with married with kids funds…

  • Mad4TheCrest

    8/13, guessing on a couple I got right but also brain farted on several I SHOULD have known, so probably a fair enough measure of my B- Gixxer IQ.

  • Devin Battley

    I am not too good at my GSXR history, but I do have the windscreen off the Jay Springsteen superbike that he crashed in the 200. At least I got the bonus question correct. Given to me by a race official.