Massimo Tamburini’s legacy emerges posthumously in his most refined superbike ever, the T12 Massimo – a 341-pound, 230+ horsepower sex machine powered by a BMW S1000RR inline-Four, and outfitted with the best from Öhlins, Brembo, and Marchesini. Started by the master and finished by his son, Andrea, currently, two prototypes exist, with plans to custom build final versions according to demand and who can afford the bike’s $342,000 price tag.

The T12’s chassis incorporates Massimo Tamburini’s patented system that allows for adjusting the flexural rigidity of the frame. The frame is chrome-moly steel, while the steering head, single-side swingarm, and Marchesini wheels are magnesium. Most other structural components are carbon fiber. For more information, or to order one of your own (please, can we ride it?) go to


  • Type: BMW S1000RR SBK
  • Displacement: 999cc
  • Bore: 80mm
  • Stroke: 49,7mm
  • Compression ratio: N.A.
  • Distribution: gear driven DOHC
  • Induction: 4 valve per cylinder
  • Cooling: by fluid
  • Power: 230+ Hp
  • Torque: N.A.
  • Electronics: MOTEC M170
  • Lubrication: forced, wet sump
  • Exhaust system: T12 4-into-1 by Arrow
  • Primary transmission: by gears
  • Clutch: oil bath
  • Gearbox: 6 speed, quick shift race type
  • Final transmission: chain


  • Patent: Adjustable lateral stiffness
  • Frame: high tensile steel tubing trellis with cast magnesium plates
  • Front suspension: Öhlins GP type
  • Rear suspension: Öhlins GP type
  • Front brake: Brembo Racing
  • Master cylinder: PR 19-18 GP type
  • Front calipers: GP type, four pistons P4.34/38 Monoblock radial mount with fluid lines Staubli quick release connection
  • Front rotors: 320mm steel
  • Rear brake: Brembo racing
  • Master cylinder: PS13 GP type
  • Caliper: GP type, monoblock P2.34
  • Rear rotor: 218mm steel
  • Front wheel: forged magnesium
  • Rear wheel: forged magnesium
  • Front radial: Pirelli Diablo SBK racing 120/70-17
  • Rear radial: Pirelli Diablo SBK racing 200/60-17
  • Steering axis rake: adjustable
  • Teleforks tri-clamps offset: adjustable
  • Trail: adjustable
  • Wheelbase: N.A.
  • Fuel tank capacity: N.A.
  • Dry weight: 341 lbs.
  • vinnyvavoom

    for 342K, can they manage an upgrade for the plastic brake reservoir on the handlebars? Yes, I am being picky but if my bike costs more than my house and my wife has left me for buying one, that should be my prerogative.

  • Mahatma

    I thought it was a bored out litre bike when I sas the designation T12.I don’t recall the price of hondas gp replica,but this must be even more expensive.Crikey!Imagine high siding that machine at high speed

  • DickRuble

    Doesn’t seem to be much more powerful/sophisticated than a Panigale Superleggera.

    • Steve Cole

      And since it’s not road legal, uhm… RSV4 RF-W Misano?

      • DickRuble

        Not street legal either, but at least it’s race tested. Price???..

        • Steve Cole

          $105K USD.

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      It’s built for rich asshole-speculators so it just needs to be expensive. It’ll be in an air conditioned vault no doubt.

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