2016 MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez won the Superprestigio this weekend over second-place finisher Toni Elias, and last year’s defending champion, Brad Baker. With a defeat in 2013, a win in 2014 and another loss last year, Marquez was hungry to reclaim the crown. Number 93 escaped the melee early in the Superfinal and kept his head down as Toni Elias gave chase – with Baker suffering slightly a little further back. With Elias and Baker unable to catch him, Marquez took the flag for his second Superprestigio win.

“I’m really happy because last year I was so close and this year I got it,” says Marquez. “I know what I did wrong in 2015 so I tried not to do it again. The pace was really good, maybe the best year, and that’s also why my team has arrived here and almost treated it like a GP! I hope everyone has enjoyed the party!”

  • It’s amazingly fast-paced. I watched the live-stream on Saturday and they were dropping the gate on heat races about once every three minutes at the peak. It’s a super well run show, and the racing can get pretty intense!

    • Old MOron

      Aye, it was a good event.
      And speaking if intensity, HRC sure seemed to up the intensity of factory support.

    • Gruf Rude

      Euro Speedway used to air on my cable provider during winter weekends and has that same bang-bang-bang pacing. Super fun to watch; even my wife loved it. Of course, impossible to find anymore, sigh.

  • Vrooom

    I’m not a Marquez fan, but the guy has talent in spades. Would love to ride like that. Meanwhile the US ISDE team won for the first time, that’s fantastic!

  • Mark Achterman

    I want to see Marquez on an American clay mile, on the new Indian flattracker …

    • Douglas

      Well, does US flattrackin’ pay as well as MotoGP? If it does, he might be cajoled into switchin’…..not too much more for him to prove in superbikes and twisties (except maybe Pikes Peak and/or the IOM.)

  • Douglas

    Goes to show that a good rider is a good rider, no matter the bike, the venue or the competition.

  • Old MOron

    I don’t know, T-rod. If you want this article to really blow up, you need to allot riders into different tranches. Probably need to poke some fun at Cal Crutchlow, too. Oh heck, just get Brucey to write it!