If you’re looking to improve your hard enduro skills, be sure and check out the guys over at Cross Training Enduro Skills on YouTube. They’ve put together an extensive library of training videos that are both informative and entertaining as they lay on plenty of sarcasm in most episodes. This particular video goes over how to overcome vertical rock faces via “splats.”

  • pcontiman

    It’s a beautiful machine with a riding position only an owner could love. RSD has definitely become a premier design house in case anyone had any doubts.

  • Stephen

    Indeed that riding position. I get that your knees need to be up on the tank for better control but anything more than 20 miles and your going to be very uncomfortable. Gorgeous bike.

  • Vrooom

    That looks nothing like my slow motion Hard endure training, which involves more flailing and screaming and some rolling on the ground.

  • Patriot159

    No, I’m NOT looking to improve my hard enduro skills if it involves this stuff! Ending up in a full body cast is waaaay down my to do list!

  • Rick Green

    Barry Morris (the guy behind the Cross Training Enduro Skills videos) was in my neck of the woods last year (east of Vancouver, BC, Canada) and I had the privilege of riding with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXw0ZOvYMHk
    He’s a really funny guy and has produced some really useful training videos, plus a whole lot of ‘dodgy’ videos…

  • Gabriel Owens

    Whilst riding a dirt bike I feel happy and accomplished if i merely stay on and not crash.

  • manfromsima

    What is the point of that?

  • Sean Matthew Molle

    Thank you for posting this! I’m in interest way over my head for doing stuff like this along with street bike gymkhana – super tight u-turns in the rain and such. I understand trials riding is for old-timers looking for the next challenge with less injury risk (i.e. falling at speed on twisties).