The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, has a new non-fiction TV show debuting June 12 on AMC. Ride with Norman Reedus will consist of six, one-hour programs following the actor and his riding buddies as they explore new destinations, motorcycle culture, tattoo parlors, and more. The series will also showcase different types of motorcycles each week including vintage, minis and cruisers. Check out the website, or blog.

  • Sentinel

    Awesome !!!

  • John B.

    How does one define “Motorcycle Culture” in 2016? I used to ask myself such questions; now, I ask Google. I found several “History of the Motorcycle” articles and several fascinating Hunter S. Thompson quotes, but nothing definitive. The motorcycle culture I experience has nothing to do with tattoo parlors, outlaws, or club membership. So then, what is the common thread that connects motorcyclists?

    The Buddha told his adherents to “Live like your hair is on fire.” This does not mean to live in an excited, panicked, or frenzied existence; quite the opposite. Rather, we should live centered in the present moment with maximum awareness.

    Airplanes, automobiles, and most other transportation modes merely provide a means to get somewhere. In contrast, a motorcycle ride forces us to experience the present with full awareness, which causes the journey to merge with the destination. Moreover, present moment awareness IS consciousness, and consciousness is what separates human life from mere organistic existence (e.g., algae or yeast).

    Motorcycling then, is a journey into the present, and “Motorcycle Culture” is a collection of individuals who seek present moment awareness through motorcycle riding.

    That’s the best I can do for now.

  • JMDonald

    Hopefully the destinations and the rides to get there will be interesting. I have ridden in and around Death Valley a number of times and can definitely see the appeal. If the other rides are as good as this first one he may be on to something. It is hard to say if the show will will be a hit or not. Motorcycle culture? What the hell is that? Trying to define motorcycle culture should be interesting. Good luck Mr. Reedus the concept sounds good to me. I wish you well.

  • Vrooom

    By motorcycle culture I fear he means Harley culture, but we’ll hope not.

    • Razor Hanzo

      If I recall, Reedus is more of a Triumph rider.

    • John B.

      Harley culture astounds and dumbfounds me. From a marketing and branding standpoint, Harley Culture has been amazingly successful; one of the strongest brands ever. From an anthropological/sociological standpoint, I just can’t relate.

  • schizuki

    This is the bike that he had designed and built for his character in The Walking Dead. So no, he’s not a Harley guy.

  • Deryl Clark

    Dear God, please let it be better than “21 days under tired old cliches”