Not only did Jack Ehret’s Vincent Black Lightning break the Australian land speed record in 1953, at 141.5 mph, it also became the most expensive bike sold at auction last month in Las Vegas, when it went for $929,000 at Bonham’s.

The story at ABC Radio Sydney says Ehret paid £500 for the bike, at a time when he was making £7 a week in wages – but the Vincent paid for itself in speedway and roadracing prize money. Ehret owned the bike for nearly 50 years. The Vincent made its way to France in 2014 for a restoration that left its original factory paintwork and “patina” intact.

The “Australian businessman” buyer still hasn’t been identified. The rest of the story is here.


  • Rapier51

    Neither here nor there but I have always felt the Vincent 1000 V Twin was the the greatest looking motorcycle ending of all when it’s shiny black.

    • Mary

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  • Ozzy Mick

    In case anyone was wondering, the Australian buyer wasn’t me…just sayin.