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Purebreed Cycles Building 40 Limited-Edition BMW S1000Rs

If you’ve got a hankering for a BMW roadster, but the stock S1000R is just a little too mundane for you. Perhaps you should take a look at the trick limited edition Purebreed Cycles “The Brooklyn Project” S1000R. President and main builder for Purebred, Guillaume Brochu, is currently taking orders for 40 custom S1000Rs that he claims put out 175 hp at the rear wheel (a 15-hp gain). Additionally, the bike weighs in at a svelte 380 lb. ready for the road. (In our 2014 Ultimate Streetfighter Finale, we measure the S1000R at 450 lb.) For those who are unfamiliar with Brouchu, he is currently featured on a 10-episode French language TV series airing on Historia (the History Channel) in Quebec, Canada.

This remarkably low weight was achieved by replacing the tank, the seat frame, the fenders, and the wheels with carbon fiber items. An efficient and light racing radiator and oil cooler were added along with an Arrow titanium full exhaust system. No item, from the headlight and speedometer brackets to the custom dash and tachometer, that could be replaced with a lighter item was left untouched. A light lithium-ion battery replaced the lead-acid stocker. The OE levers were replaced with folding race units, and the pegs are mounted to adjustable rearsets.

What you get when the BMW S1000R is put on a diet and a workout program.

While the LED signals located in the handlebar may not make the Brooklyn Project much lighter, they definitely clean up the front end’s appearance. The 7-in. LED headlight, featuring an aluminum bezel, adds to the BMW’s purposeful look – as does the LED taillight built in to the abbreviated rear section.

The fit and finish was also gone over with an eye towards detail. The top triple-clamp features custom engraving and a stainless steel signature plate along with integrated clip-ons. The paint scheme includes custom graphics and paint by Simon Galarneau. The seat exudes a similar level of quality thanks to the premium leather that covers the sculpted tri-density foam. Custom CNC-machined aluminum bits add to the high profile of the bike.

The attention to detail is top notch.

But the Brooklyn Project isn’t just about dressing up the S1000R. The performance gains come from the aforementioned cooling and exhaust modifications coupled with reprogrammed fuel injection utilizing Purebreed-specified mapping. The 530 racing chain lessens the rotating mass and adds to the purposeful look with its gold color.

“We believe that The Brooklyn Project offers riders the best of both worlds,” says Brochu, “Owners benefit from the advanced performance technology and reliable modern engineering of the S1000R, which is far and away the best motorcycle on the road, but we also saw its potential as the basis of the ultimate café racer by incorporating classic café racer styling elements.”

The unique triple clamp features a stainless steel signature plate.

All this high-end goodness is available in the slick package that retails for $39,500 USA, with deliveries beginning in April. For more information or to order, visit the Purebreed Cycles website.

What you get when the BMW S1000R is put on a diet and a workout program.more
The attention to detail is top notch.more
The unique triple clamp features a stainless steel signature plate.more
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