I think if you’re going to be lollygagging along on Mulholland Highway shooting videos and not paying attention, then you probably shouldn’t get too upset if somebody in a hurry passes you around the outside. The guy doing the passing on the KTM bagger is former Cycle magazine hero Ken Vreeke, writer of such epic tales as Growing Up Squidly, The Hickman Haul-Ass Club and many other ripping yarns. No idea who Snowcat87 is, other than somebody who makes me glad I’m still holding off on the helmet communicator.

See it all here.



  • Uncommon Sense

    Looks like he just got passed by a more experienced rider to me…

  • fzrider

    At first I thought Ken was being funny…”where’d you want me to pass you? Then I realized he was just insulting the squid by asking him …”where do you want me to pass you, and I’ll do it there too.”

  • fzrider

    Looked clean and smooth to me.

  • Mahatma

    I thought you meant that guy passing was a jerk,but the more I listened to MC of that video,I realized you must have meant him.

    Unfortunately you meet them everywhere:( Cool reaction by mr. Vreeke as you’d expect.

  • Shawn

    haha JB, I’m glad someone is calling this guy out. Clearly an inexperienced rider thinking he knows better than everyone else on the road.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    How has the muppet managed to get so many subscribers.

    • DickRuble

      Probably people hoping to see his final post: getting headbutted or run over.

  • Pete terHorst

    I recall several Honda Hoots when Ken would slip past sportbike riders on The Dragon, didn’t matter what bike he was on — Gold Wing, Shadow — the Ken-ster can ride ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice for pointing this out JB. Little did this self important little turd know it was Ken!

  • Old MOron

    “Where do you want me to pass you?”

    “Stay behind me!”

    Bwaha-haha, says it all.

  • sgray44444

    You would think the guy would have to know that it’s best to stay off a road like that if he was afraid of being passed. Why does every idiot with a camera these days think their constant commenting on every subject is necessary? With social media and youtube narcissism is alive and well. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty at times (here I am, commenting on it- oh the irony). The older I get, the less I care about what people have to say and the less I feel the need to tell them what I think. It’s actually a much better way to live.

    • Jim Greer

      Right on !

  • Starmag

    Many of the narcissistic,creepy, immature and murderous(!) comments on “Fuel to the Fire” proves the title of this article.

  • FreelancerMG

    The kid went about it in a very douche bag way and made himself off like an arse.

    But I do agree to a point that I don’t want to be passed mid-turn. I don’t mind and will even adjust and finish a turn a little wide to make room for you to blast past me on corner exit. I’m just not a fan of it mid-corner in non-racing conditions. I’ve seen many people get “collected” from passers on the inside and outside hitting that patch of sand,dirt or what have you and I’m not in any mood to share the same fate. I’m especially not psychic or omniscient and have no idea who the hell that is coming up from behind to do the mid-turn overtake. I don’t know them and they don’t know me and they can easily wait for the upcoming straight. This is even worse for a newbie rider as getting passed mid-turn like and they aren’t paying attention could startle the kid and cause them to chop the throttle or reflexively brake and cause the kid to low slide mid-turn when he would have been just fine.

    The kid’s definitely a punk with a mouth with a strong narcissistic streak, but I at least partially understand where he’s coming from.

    • john burns

      well, there aren’t really any straights on that stretch, and the only polite way to get past a slow person is on the outside, where Ken actually put himself more at risk should the unpredictable Snowcat (squid) have happened to fall off his bike. Style points for getting cleanly past without crossing the double yellow.

      • FreelancerMG

        They aren’t long, but there are a few here and there. Ken passes the second idiot on one of them soon afterwards. The problem is, I don’t know who the hell that is coming up behind me to do the pass. I don’t know if it’s Rossi or one of these idiots and I’d rather not find out. I’ve seen it many times where a rider overtakes on the outside, cuts in aggressively right as they pass and lose it and collects the guy he was passing. I’ve also seen the other way around where the guy passes on the outside and the guy he’s passing loses it and collects both of them. I’ve always ridden and trained to never assume the skills and capabilities of the other person whether they be in a car or on a bike. Mid-corner is not really the time to be finding out if the guy has skills or just more balls than sense.

        It’s fine and expected on the track. If something goes wrong we’ve got plenty of overrun and we’ll probably be okay. Something goes wrong here and it’s a trip into a guard rail, tumbling off a cliff or into oncoming traffic. I’m not saying to not pass me at all. I’m just saying to try not to do it while we’re both leaned over mid-turn. I’m also saying that this kid is a complete tool in the way he addressed it.

        • john burns

          thanks for inspiring my next column I think.

          • FreelancerMG

            Uh, thanks… hopefully it was in the positive sense. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Gruf Rude

          Watching the video makes me glad I live where population is low, mountain roads are near and I’m retired, so I don’t have to ride the really good canyons on weekends.

        • john burns

          Ken, who’s not old enough to start riding like an old man, but not young enough to remember how to log-in to Disqus, says:

          This guy was no newbie. super trick Multi and he rides all the time. problem is, he doesnโ€™t know what mirrors are for, which every rider needs to know. especially if you are within 20 miles of the Rock Store for God’s sake. i followed these guys for over a mile, and he was too busy creating his silly little narrative around his goofy friend to pay any attention to anything else, and after I watched the third near high side, I just couldn’t stand it any longer. ride behind squids long enough, and they’ll take you down.

          You want to write a column, talk about how unaware so many riders are of their surroundings. and learn how to use your fucking mirrors. and if you see someone behind you, park your ego and let them pass safely. they might not be as nice as me!!


          • Jim Greer

            Right on man!

          • Kevin

            Passing in a turn, and then passing again on the right? That’s what people with enough skills that believe that they’re entitled to do what the rest of us know we should never do. I’m sure your friend is a riding god who could have done all that while wheeling and texting, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

          • SteveSweetz

            Snowcat is an annoying pedant, but I’m not impressed by Ken’s response. He says he notices the guy was inexperienced and possibly dangerous, so his response is to ride up the guy’s tailpipe?

            I find his tailgating far more egregious than the passing. If the guy does use his mirrors that’s just going to make him more nervous and more dangerous.

            Were these guys riding under the speed limit, or already over it and Ken just wanted to go even faster? If he wants to talk about “parking ego” how about not getting all impatient because a couple of guys are holding you up from treating the road like it’s your own personal track.

          • RandomJerk

            So we can all agree that this Snowcat character is a douche. So what?

            Ken – I don’t care what your name is, what credentials you have, you’re on a public fucking roadway, not the track. If a cop saw that stunt you wouldn’t be able to whine about how the other riders were too slow, you’d get the ticket that you deserve. If you caused those other riders to wreck, no jury would give a fuck about how big you think your balls are, you’ll go to jail.

            John – There are riders of all experience levels out there. We need to put egos aside and ride for the benefit of everyone. If this guy KV wants to educate them, he could have done so after the run, and told them to watch their mirrors. It’s not like this is the only time he gets to ride Mulholland, so what if this run ended up slow because of these tourists? What did you lose but a few minutes?

            Putting everyone at risk doesn’t earn you “style points” it earns you asshole points.

        • Ian Parkes

          Really, FMG, you’ve seen riders taking out other riders “many times”? I saw it on MotoGP last week, and similar, but never in real life. No wonder Snowpussy freaked out, if that’s what usually happens. Until then I thought Snowpussy was a total dick. Now he’s just a dick, and I’m glad I ride in a country where bikers can overtake without playing skittles. Or are you fibbing just a bit?

          • FreelancerMG

            I used to live in the San Bernardino mountains for 20 years and commuted every day including weekends. While it’s a very different environment than Mulholland, it is also a local curvy motorcycle favorite. What’s different though is that it’s not as tight throughout but many of the turns are decreasing radii turns. The other thing is that since it’s cut into the mountainside itself, left turns going up(right going down) are blind turns. Motorcyclists love these mountains though because of the longer radii lets them theoretically go much faster than you can push it at Mulholland. The only problem is, there is almost ALWAYS silt, gravel, rocks, dirt, and sand in nearly every turn up there even though this is a 2 lane highway.

            The problem is that when you have a rider who wants to take everything at 80+ mph comes up on someone who’s only going 60-65 mph, they try to pass. Also, many think they’re track stars and usually try to shoot for passing mid-corner. There’s been quite a few instances where one rider tries to pass the slower rider on the outside and then cuts in sharply to try and get in front and set themselves up for the next turn, hits silt and loses it and is sliding across the other rider’s line and collects him along the way. I’ve also seen guys start an outside pass, the rider getting passed loses the rear for some reason and slides out and collects the guy passing him. Then of course you have all the crazy crap that happens when someone tries to do the inside line. The higher speeds and longer turns sucker riders into going much faster than they probably should. When paired with multiple decreasing radii turns, that are blind going left and with generally lousy road conditions generally equates to riders crashing out regularly during late spring to early fall. Many regular riders stay the hell away from the inside lane as it’s VERY common to have cars coming down the way going way too fast down the mountain (has a fairly steep grade) and using the left lane of those going up as a “run off” lane.

            Ken does pull of a masterful pass and Snowcat was a complete douche about the whole thing. I just said that I can understand not liking to being passed mid-corner on the street due to living and driving/riding through the mountains for a long time and seeing how it can easily go south. Again, I don’t know if the person attempting the pass is a legend of motorcycling or a complete knob.

          • Ian Parkes

            Sounds like a fun road. We certainly have people sliding off similar roads here in NZ. In fact the Road Transport Agency has realigned some corners, got creative with paint markings and sealed a few metres up gravel sideroad and driveways on the most popular bikers’ road near Auckland. You can still expect dirt and rocks on the tighter sections, but I’ve not heard of riders taking each other out as you describe. Sounds like it ought be happening though.

          • Chocky

            sound’s like old north rd?

          • Ian Parkes

            Once again, saw it in MotoGP last weekend where Pedrosa’s bike took out Davisioso. While these scenarios pile up the risks I still wonder how many bike on bike crashes you’ve seen with your own eyes – and not on the telly. That was my point: how many people actually miss all those risk factors, and stuff it up so badly they take another rider out.

          • FreelancerMG

            In the twenty years, a good 10 or so passes that ended in mishap. Thankfully I’ve always been just far enough back that I was able to not get tangled up in the thick of it and thankfully none of them have died, although a few had to get airlifted and I did get a to see a bike go sliding off the cliff in one of the sections that didn’t have a guard rail but thankfully the rider of that bike got caught up with the other rider and his bike and didn’t end up following his own bike off said cliff. We did have a few people though take trips off the cliff’s edge and even had a guy survive the thousand foot drop.

            We’re seeing people who are so good at rider that they’re called aliens crash and collect other riders at a relatively high rate this year and they practice and practice and train to the tires and conditions and are still crashing out and taking people out with them. We’re now talking about non-aliens out on the road who may not have practiced that hard on that road to the tires and conditions and don’t have the training and as much time training and pushing the bike even close to its limits and how to massage that last bit of performance out of the bike while leaned over. Granted these racers are pushing it really hard. But they and their bikes are purpose built for this setting and these conditions and are generally known factors. You got a ton of people playing weekend warrior who don’t know what those limits are until they pass them and don’t realize that they don’t have nearly the same limits as that motogp machine on very specialized equipment with generally pristine conditions. It’s probably a lot worse at Mulholland where things are much tighter and a bit more technical. Hell we have a channel for the epic crashes that happen at just one corner.

    • novemberjulius

      I sense (I guess assume is the better word) that he’s just annoyed that he got passed and someone interrupted his vid, maybe.

  • JMDonald

    I believe snowcat can be reached at http://www.stupidassfagobrau.org

  • Douglas

    This snowcat individual certainly has a clever way with the words…..and quite a command of the (California) vernacular…..imagine a couple hrs riding with this goof if your bike intercom had no mute button….sheesh.

    • Tinwoods

      You’re obviously not a Californian, otherwise you wouldn’t make such an ignorant comment about this little pussy’s “command” of anything, much less the “California vernacular.”

  • Goose

    I blame our modern school system. What do you want to bet this moron’s mother has a collection of “award for showing up” medals? It leads to people who don’t grasp there is a pecking order in everything. Whether of not the “passer” was Mr. Vreeke the video is a perfect example of a good rider cleanly, safely passing a slower rider. Unfortunately, Snowcat can’t grasp that because he thinks he is as good as everybody else.

    I am, on my good days, a fair rider. I’ve had the pleasure of riding with some very good riders and also with some not so good riders. I’ve passed and been passed similarly on many occasions. Somehow I’ve avoided making an ass out of myself (on camera!) like Mr. Cat. What makes this really sad is Mr. Cat still doesn’t get it or he would have been embarrassed into taking down the video. Leaving it up is kind of sending a world wide message that he is a morn.

    • john burns

      i truly know nothing about how it works, but maybe he makes $$ if a million people watch it even if it makes him look like an ass? Laughing all the way to the bank?

      • Alexander Pityuk

        Niche motorcycle vloggers don’t earn that much on youtube. They often say that considering the time spent on shooting and editing, they would’ve probably made even more on regular jobs. Generally 1 to 10K a year depending on popularity.

  • Greybeard1

    Nowt but a bench ‘o feckin’ whingin’ kents!
    Listen to that all the ride?!

    • Jim Greer

      What ?

    • Ian Parkes

      Askin fer a slap up the heid.

  • Graeme

    I’m not convinced by the KTM guy’s riding: He overtakes on a corner, then hangs in very close to the other rider before doing an undertake. He might be quick, but he’s taking a lot of risks, and, at times, not leaving that much margin if things go wrong.

    Then again, Snowcat subsequently splits lanes at highway speeds. The recommendations that I’ve heard are don’t do it over 15 to 20 mph, and not have a speed differential of over 10 to 15 mph.

    • Kevin Duke

      Ken has been riding quickly on Mulholland since before Snowpussy was born, so I think we can deduce that he’s got the skills to ride reasonably safe.

  • novemberjulius

    First of all, I believe Snowcat is Canadian which is proof that not all Canadians are nice. Also, he may not be Canadian, but I still believe he’s Canadian.
    Second, most of Snowcat’s videos are chock full of explitives. The relationship between how many F-bombs you use and how much I respect you is inverse.
    Thirdly, Snowcat strikes me as an abrasive person that I would’t want to be my neighbor.
    I ate a gross burrito last night.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Dig that, JB. Remindful of a car trip with somebody who can’t shut up. The Unnecessary Narrator.

  • John B.

    Ken’s comments highlight what bothers me about video. Video fools us into thinking we are getting the entire story, when it provides a very limited perspective with respect to a given situation.

    I watched the video before reading the comments and as someone who has never ridden the Mulholland. My first thought was, I would prefer not to be passed while leaned over in a curve. Obviously, there’s much more to the story as Ken describes below. (The Rodney King video snippet comes to mind, but I can’t recall the broader narrative there.)

    My longtime friend and I ride together to play poker and often laugh at what the NSA would think if they listened to our dim-witted banter after taking a beating from the diverse array of humanity that frequents poker rooms. At least we’re smart enough not to publish our dopey palaver on YouTube.

    Lastly, millennials are supposed to annoy us middle agers. Well done, then.

  • Garth Vader

    Careful JB, on that person’s Youtube channel he lists himself as a “professional hater”. Going up against those kinds of qualifications and experience would prove hard to beat… what with your paltry motorcycling experience and all.

  • Buzz

    Isn’t the first rule at a track day if you’re in the slow group to only pass on the outside?

    I’m sure the pass startled the guy a bit but the video poser should learn how to use his mirrors and move over.

    • Ian Parkes

      Yeah but the second guy was sitting on the yellow line – wrong position on a left anyway -clearly a low-skilled rider so almost certainly not checking his mirrors while doing something as challenging as taking a bend, so the chances he might move over for a proper overtake are low. Better just to go past and avoid confusing him, as well as his mental mentor.

  • TC

    I try to be a polite rider, but admit that I have had lapses in good judgement on occasion.

    What would Jesus Do?
    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    This person spends his whole youtube video making fun of other people, not someone that I would go riding with.

  • GodWhomIsMike

    I think Snowcat picked up the wrong hobby/lifestyle. There is no way anyone can ride that angry and with so much contempt for everyone and everything around him. That was a hard video to listen to and watch. It’s up there with the Florida road rage incident last week in terms of cringe worthiness.

  • Torsten Rohde

    Clean pass. This talker is the idiot. Stop talking, look in your mirror, hold your line.

  • Jim Greer

    This Snowkat dude is gonna get his as kicked. Young, aggressive, cocky, over confident, critical of everyone, bitches nonstop like a Princess. Hope you post the video of the person that hands you your ass.

  • Zack Owensby

    I subscribed to Snowcat for about two weeks, then I realized he just yells “F—” at EVERYTHING, lane splits at full speed on the interstate and is just a general whiny b about everything and everyone else. Glad to see him getting called out publicly like this forum

  • Michael Blow

    nope, you just need a camera to be one. That would have been interesting if it had been Kenny Roberts who passed him.

    • Old MOron

      Ha ha, KR would’ve probably given him a Benny Hill slap to the back of the helmet.

  • RoadBlender

    Here is a brief, but accurate, insight to what kinda person Eliot Hayward (anowcat) is.

    Your welcome.


  • dominatr37

    What an idiot. (The guy talking, not the KTM guy)

  • Jordan Marcelo

    I honestly can’t stand vlogging. Just ride and shut up!

  • Obdurate Verity

    Seriously- they guy passed in an unsafe manner. If people think public roads are for riding like that then they would be far better off going to the track.

    • john burns

      did not.

  • Gary

    More Snowcatt … the guy really is a total douche. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifCZY0PJTO8

  • Tinwoods

    Why this twerp on two wheels gets as much attention as he does baffles me. He’s a whiney and cowardly little squid who doesn’t have a clue.

  • WillyPs

    He’s complaining about a bike doing no worse than lane splitting, then he shows himself lane splitting with a beat up car.

  • Brandon

    Why can’t this dumb F*** wait until the straight stretches? Obviously snowcat didn’t see him coming around the corner and it probably scared him. There’s no need to be hating on snowcat because this other guy just writes books? Wow impressive. Not like a first grader can’t write a book.

  • Ryan Price

    You might hate snowcat but he’s right. This is extremely dangerous and illegal. The KTM rider has no ideas what line the next rider is going to take. Go a bit wide because you don’t expect another bike in your lane and that’s it. Both bikes go down. If you have to illegally pass on a double yellow, do it on a straightway. He should know better as a seasoned rider. I would be pissed too.