We realize this can be a tense subject considering the widespread popularity of James “Bubba” Stewart but the fact of the matter is, James has had a challenging few years and has been, thus far, absent in 2017.  Do you think Stewart’s racing days are over or will he make a return to motorcycle racing?

  • Douglas

    Let’s hope so, but super- & motoX is grueling and he must be over 30 by now, so in the interest of staying somewhat healthy, he may be done. But then again….he sure is exciting to watch, as much as anyone since the Hurricane.

  • Biker Bob

    Wherever money is involved you’ll find over-the-hill athletes. They just don’t know when to go away.

  • John A. Stockman

    Always been a fan of James. The skills were obvious on the track. But ever since that ridiculous “reality” show he did, his focus and skills were not there anymore. I watched the first two episodes, thinking it would be similar to Larry Pegram’s show, which was good and mostly about racing. James’ show, not at all. Typical reality-type offerings, which are anything but reality. Disappointing, I stopped watching. Lots of press on James coming back at the start of the Supercross season earlier this year, but talk is meaningless unless action backs it up. At least Malcolm is carrying on, but the fact that Malcolm is not racing the Outdoor Nationals this season is the action that tells you what’s going on. James set the bar for others and I know he inspired many. Maybe he can still be involved with young aspiring racers; I think he has a lot to offer young people, where their goal is to race professionally.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Yet another reason flat track needs to evolve. Imagine if after a whole motocross event was done, instead of packing the dirt and leaving, they smoothed out the jumps and banks and held flat-track events? Enough complexity to challenge the experienced motocrosser, but without the punishing jumps.