The interwebs have been abuzz since Ryan Dungey announced his retirement last week. Many have been congratulating him on a successful career, while others think he quit too soon. We’re curious if our readers think Dungey made the right decision in retiring or if you think he should have kept racing for a few more seasons.

Ryan Dungey Retires From Professional Racing!
Monster Energy Supercross Honors Ryan Dungey

  • Old MOron

    Look at this picture. He’s had a great racing life. Now he’s young, healthy, in good company, and he has a great retired life waiting for him.×389.jpg

    • Pretty hard to argue with that!

      • john burns

        yeah everybody i see at the SX looks like that. I think it was the dirty racing that made him quit. Who needs it if you’ve got four chmpnships and a few shekels in the account…

    • Craig Hoffman

      I see a good reason for Ryan to retire well ahead in the rough MX game with his full physical function intact in the form of Lindsay Dungey. She is beautiful 🙂 The man has nothing to prove and he is a class act. Wishing him all the best.

  • 12er

    Didn’t answer the survey as how should I know, was wrong time for me since Hangtown is tomorrow though. Who to root for now? Maybe the Husky Squad.

  • blansky

    Why would any fan think they have the right to question someone else’s career and life decisions as long as those choices are legal. Especially when they involve a person who participates in a dangerous sport.


    Good for him.

  • mikstr

    The amount of dedication (time, energy, diet,…) needed to stay at the top must be mind-boggling. Good on him for retiring at the top.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    It is the same question everyone asked when Seinfeld ended. “He just wanted to go out on top”.

  • Fivespeed302

    If he made the decision, then the time is right.