We realize not all of our readers live in or have even ridden in the United States but a good many of them have. To have ridden a motorcycle in all 50 states would be quite an accomplishment and we’re curious how many folks have done so and how many are well on their way?

  • allworld

    I actually started buying these refrigerator magnets of each state that I rode in. They are not to scale…….

  • Matt O

    I wish I had the time to put serious miles across states.

  • Vrooom

    I’ve got Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa left. For some reason I’m not in a rush to pick those ones up, though I’m sure there are at least a few good roads.

    • Gabriel Owens

      Mmmm. Nebraska. Yeah well, yeah.

    • Douglas

      Well, granted not much to see in KS, but the roads are top-notch and NE is pretty good too. Haven’t ridden in IA for a long time, so not sure there.

      As far as road conditions, TX is probably the best. I live in OK, which has some of the worst (lotsa bad bridges, too). Riding from KS to TX, OK is like a 3d world country, for the most part.

  • Gabriel Owens

    Dont feel like counting em. But most of em.

  • Goose

    Seems a little silly, I’ve ridden in the 11 western states, about 1/2 of America. Your can hit 11 states in the northeast in a long weekend. How about miles, I’m not a high miler but I’ve got about 300K under my wheels.

  • Anthony Addison

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93982ab87acf33eade01ae3bf42a633955152846cdf64631314d0d91e2980ab1.jpg About 40 states done including Alaska and Hawaii along with seven other countries.

  • D H

    Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and the last California. Lucky 7.

  • SpankyPE

    And several countries. Where’s my reward?

    • Douglas

      Well, that much riding IS your reward…..unless there were countries where you were shot at, or there were large wild animals on roadways, etc.

  • Screamingsloth

    Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and North Carolina. I’ve never owned a bike that I have felt was reliable enough to go much farther from my home base in Tennessee. I am arranging my finances so that in a couple of years I can afford to purchase one a little newer than my 1983 Venture.

    • mike no

      Like you I live in the south, Georgia. I started riding in 1965 so I have put down a few miles, close to 150,000 on the last two Vulcans. I have only rode in six states, Georgia, Tenn, SC, Ark, Ala and Fla. I have just retired and bought me a Road King as a retirement gift. I hope to add a few more states to this list soon. Everybody please be careful on these roads.

  • Clive Mc

    Last week I completed a 6 week 14259 mile trip. From Key West. Florida. Pikes peak , Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier park , Canada , Jasper Alll the way up the Alcan highway to Anchorage Alaska And back via Vancouver , Washington State , Oregon back to Florida. key West in time for My 71 birthday celebration
    Riding a new 107 Harley Ultra , started off the dealer floor with 6 miles on the clock

    • Allison Sullivan

      That’s amazing! I’m jealous.

      Last summer I went from Canada to San Diego, and I met SO many people who had just jumped on their bike or in their car, and disappeared for a month, or three months … #retirementgoals

    • Ok Campers

      Congrats, Clive ! Great trip and inspiring for a pup like me who just turned 70 a couple months ago and who will be heading North and West in a couple weeks. Couple years ago at age 68, the ride we took then was 6 weeks and a paltry (when compared to yours) 6,000 miles. This year, who knows? Ride safe.

  • Steve Clark

    Just Virginia, but there are so many different roads here I find to ride on.Retired now with plenty of time to ride but not enough money now to travel, when I was working 60+ hours a week I had the money but no time.http://imgur.com/l6zHr0R

    • Ok Campers

      Nice bike, Steve. About 35 years ago, my wife and I rode two-up on an ’82 GL500 Interstate from our home in Florida to points North. Rode up the Blue Ridge Parkway, too. Now we live in NC and were over on the BRP a couple weeks ago; different bike, though.

  • Art Friedman

    Just the lower 48, plus most of the states of Mexico, Germany, Spain, and a few in Canada, France and Japan. I need to get to AK and maybe HI.

  • Robert M. Hanahan

    I have ridden in all 49 states plus Canada and Mexico on one bike ’99 Roadstar, I want to know if ridding a moped in Hawaii would constitute ridding in all 50………..

  • MrOrangeVest

    14 states, all west of the Mississippi, including Hawaii. Had to rent a bike for that one.

  • Rob Mitchell

    I’ve ridden in a stack of states, the state of; happiness, remorse, excitement, exhilaration, fear.

    • Ok Campers

      Hey, Rob, here’s a travel tip for ya: If at all possible, take the detour around confusion. I’ve been there and the crowds are just plain awful………………

      • Rob Mitchell

        🤣🤣🤣 Hi OK. The problem Is that my home state is confusion. That’s where i live. 😀

  • Ron Austin

    I’ve only ridden in 27 of the lower 48. I had a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic and just sold that with almost 83,000 miles on the clock. I’m currently on my Gen1 Yamaha FZ1 which is indeed an able steed having clocked 33,000 miles on it so far but it doesn’t have the carrying capacity of the Vulcan using my current luggage setup. I am looking for the right Harley Ultra Classic to come along at the right price. Likely, I will be saving for it until late next summer.

  • Steve Clark

    I had a bike rider from Maine on his way to North Carolina to meet a friend then to California, stop by yesterday for a brief stop and gave him some lunch,hamburgers, FF some onion rings a slice of homemade apple cake,ice tea.Jess, catch his trip here.http://cx500forum.com/forum/travelling-friends-trips/86170-cross-country-trip.html

    • Johnny Blue

      That’s not lunch, it’s attempted murder! If he keeps eating those things he won’t be riding for much longer! 😀

  • JWaller

    My summer vacation was a ride through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and back home to Texas. I would have done more but I broke down in South Dakota and spent a couple weeks awaiting parts and then the time to actually fix the bike…… Hah! Imagine that, a blown clutch on a Ural! But, isn’t that what makes it an adventure?

  • Alan

    49 states, all Canadian provinces, Yukon and NW territories, and, I think, 37 countries, in 15 years. BMW GS, KLR650. Have photos of the bike posed at every “Welcome” sign. Also did the Iron Butt Gold Master Traveller – 62 National Parks, 26 states in 60 days.

  • halfofone

    I have no reason to go east of the Miss River!!!

  • I’m missing Hawaii and Maine.