There are several factors that might inhibit a motorcycle from being your only motor vehicle. It could be the weather, your office dress code, or maybe you need to pick up the kids from school which might make using a motorcycle daily a challenge. But if you could eliminate all the variables, would you use a motorcycle as your daily driver?

  • Marcos Gramelich

    i ride a 2014 Honda CB500F daily (it’s my only vehicle).

    • novemberjulius

      I bought the same year. It’s a great bike. I’m sad that I sold it.

  • Mec-One

    My daily was a ’02 gixxer 1K …… until the kids arrived ….. no longer a hooligan lol

  • Kirk Roy

    I’ve been using bikes to commute for over 20 years. I do have a truck to transport my dirt bikes though so I don’t just have motorcycles.

  • 12er

    With 30 miles of lane splitting each way, Bridge toll, gas and parking its safer and cheaper to ride the train. Sadly…

  • RyYYZ

    If I lived in SoCal? Hell, yeah. Year-round riding weather. Around here, only real hard cases ride for the 4-6 months a year we call winter.

    Anyway, I’d much sooner sit in bumper to bumper traffic in my car with AC, a stereo, and a cold drink. If I lived in SoCal I could also lane-split on the freeway (which I did when I was down there visiting in February), there would be that much more incentive to use my bike.

    • Tpet

      I’m in SoCal and I actually ride most of the year, but there comes a time during summer where it’s too hot and humid to be comfortable. That’s right now, so I’ve been commuting in the car for the past week or so. When the 3 minutes it takes to get from the freeway to my house leaves me drenched with sweat because I’m not moving fast enough, I just switch to the cage until it cools down a bit. Our riding season is sort of inverted, at least for those who won’t sacrifice protection for comfort. (ATGATT!)

  • Gruf Rude

    During college and law school, motorcycles were my daily drivers (this was in the mid-west, so I commuted on an SL100 during winter when snow and ice made the CB750 unmanageable). Fatherhood and the need to get kids to and from day care, etc. ended my motorcycle-as-daily-transport.

    • David Kraft

      I had the first year 1974 XL100 for my first bike.

  • novemberjulius

    In Utah it’s a bit slick sometimes in the winter. If not for those slick conditions, I’d be happy to ride everywhere everyday.

    • S. E. Gossett

      Yep, The only things I am not properly equipped for is active snow or rain, if either of those are good chances then I take a cage. But thankfully Utah takes pretty good care of the roads so there aren’t that many days I don’t ride.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    I ride everywhere on my three bikes all year. I haven’t touched my car in eight months and even then it was to re-inflate the tires and refresh the gasoline. I keep the battery out of the car on a Battery Tender and only install it if I ever need it, which is never. Before I got the KTM 1190 Adventure R in Jan 2015, I used to go to work in the car if it was raining heavily since I didn’t trust the Harley. Since then the KTM is my rainy day bike.

  • Born to Ride

    I only take the car/truck if I need to haul something.. or if its hotter than 105… or if its colder than 35…

    • Gabriel Owens

      In texas the summer months are harder than the winter ones for sure. Exposure to extended periods of heat makes me have ms flare ups.

    • HazardtoMyself

      After 105 it’s just another number. 105 or 120 it’s just hot. As long as I can keep moving I don’t notice much difference.

      • Born to Ride

        I think that was kind of my point. To me, 105 is the threshold at which the heat is no longer tolerable.

  • Matt O

    I commute on my bike most days, but snow belt Ohio makes winter a challenge. If it’s over about 25 and the road isn’t covered in snow I’m riding.

  • Jon Jones

    Have to go with the motorbike. Perfect for getting past road-slugs and dealing with malfunctioning stoplights.

    It’s 2017, yet traffic lights are all too often a mess. They’ll turn red on you when there’s no cross traffic, then force you to sit and fume. Not me. I cautiously proceed against retarded traffic lights. Seems some motorists would sit at an unchanging red for hours.

  • Mahatma

    Snow and sub freezing temps here prohibits it for me,but until then,suit up!

  • Scott

    I did commute about 75% of the time for about 10 years. It was the highlight of my day. I didn’t ride the freeways, I could get there just as fast on less risky roads.

    Now, I’m retired, we take 3 hour Country rides twice a week when weather permits.

  • BDan75

    Wow, 44% using a bike as their daily transportation tells you something about the readers of this site (namely, I’m thinking, that most of them live in California).

    • Ozzy Mick

      My bike has been my only means of transport since 2007. I’m retired now but for a few years, l even used it to call on customers. It was a great ice breaker and l averaged 30,000kms per year. I’m not in California tho.

    • ChiefPockets

      Not me – motorcycle daily driver in Michigan. Sure, it’s a little too icy some days and I have to take my car, but for the most of the year my car just sits parked in the driveway.

      • therr850

        Where in Michigan? I live in South Haven and till I retired in 2005 I rode on sunny dry road days above 25 degrees, Aerostich and heated or fleece jacket. Talked my wife into going with me one day when it was 32 degrees and when we got there her face shield was completely frosted over,,, on the inside:} I laughed for an hour!! She is finally talking to me again.

        • ChiefPockets

          Detroit area. I tried something similar with a passenger once, around 40 degrees out and they were asking to turn around before I hit the end of the street…

  • David Wales

    Nope. Will eventually get cleaned up by a taxi driver, or another similarly frustrated and inattentive individual driving a 2 tonne battering ram on wheels.

  • wolzybk

    I haven’t owned a car since 1988. The last 24 years I have used my Ducati Monster as a daily driver. This was all pretty easy when I lived in San Diego. 5 years ago my wife and I moved to NH, which does make it more challenging, but I still typically ride 9 months of the year, and borrow my wife’s car when the roads are actually icy.

  • TC

    When I see a guy on a clapped out Jap Bike with a duct tape seat, a milk crate on the luggage rack, and a dry and rattling chain, I say to myself ” there’s a guy that ride his bike every day, not because he wants to, but because he has to”.

  • Gilbert Serrano

    I live in the Philippines, where its 40C in the shade :D.

    I just pack a shirt and a small towel, when I get in, I have some toiletries (the basics, soap, deodorant, some cologne), I head straight to the bathroom, freshen up a bit, put on the fresh shirt and that’s it.

    I only take the car if I’m with the wife and kids or I need to haul something or grocery shopping or if its raining before I leave the house. Other than that I ride everyday and I will continue to ride until I can 😀

  • Jason

    I rode a bike (almost) everyday for about 5 years. My wife and I had two vehicles, a bike for me and a car for her. I rode the bike unless there was snow on the ground which was rare in TN. The new really does wear off. Nothing like putting a helmet on to ride to work when you have a cold and your nose is running constantly.

  • symun buuntw

    We ride everydays&night back to 70’&80′
    Unfortunately,too many from sis to grandmother s can effort2buy&drive a Lorry.mother was late end up drive fast sending the little kids to school..which pupils should go wth school bus.they is no respect between envolrolment at all.some is rude, arrogant z,mad,insane, aggressive,spankie,sporty,pusi,cow,as a driver.loll .

  • Steve Clark

    I have a 1982 Honda GL500I SilverWing I can haul about $40 worth of groceries on,two suitcase/saddle bags and a med size trunk,my favorite .1996 Honda VT1100 ACE shadow w/ saddle bags,my main vehicles. Also 1980 Toyota truck for truck stuff and a 2002 Montero when I need to haul a lot or seven people or to cold and snowing.Living in Virginia there are many paths to take.

  • macdog14

    I couldn’t do my commute (182 miles each day) if I didn’t ride and split lanes. Takes me 1.5 hours on the bike. Would take me 4 hours if I drove all the way. 3 hours if I drove to the station and then got a train.

  • therr850

    I like these surveys but on my Samsung Tablet they don’t load properly. I try to vote and the survey locks up and I can’t get it do anything. Very frustrating!

  • Douglas

    Well, since the survey didn’t offer the option of “riding whenever I can”, I put it’s (or they’re) my daily wheels. The van & pickup are used if wx is bad (too cold – 30C w/humidity) or any kind of wet, but my 3 2-wheelers are the preferred modes of transport.

    Several yrs ago, I had only a bike for a while, and don’t wanna do that again….too many things ya can’t do (that bike had no bags, rack or trunk). The ones I have now (2 scooters – Hooligan 170 and a Silver Wing, and a Vulcan 1600 Nomad) are much more versatile, with top boxes on the scoots and bags & a rack on the Kaw…..I can get a weeks worth of comestibles easily, sometimes more. It’s a good combination.

  • Dave

    Lane splitting enables my Bay Area life. I am incredibly grateful for the option, and take riding to work up gleefully every day now, knowing that it won’t be so much fun when the days get short and the weather gets wet.

    If only somebody would make an autonomous vehicle that would drive me to work, however slowly, on those few days when riding is hard. Be there when I need you, and not there when I don’t – Silicon Valley please get that done for me, won’t you?

  • Eric

    Live in the northeast and the only thing that keeps me from riding to work is ice and extreme cold (below 20F). It’s kinda tough on the oil though. When really cold the engine doesn’t get fully hot and I start to get scum buildup until I get a longer ride in. I’m probably a perfect candidate for an eBike but the decent ones are still too expensive.

    I laugh at rain. Good gear = staying dry. Just remember to close your helmet vents!

  • krishan adhikari

    rode to work every fri on my bike. also on days i was running behind schedule. Now I work from home, hence those riding days are over. If it rained on Fri i didn’t ride to work.

    What I did was I had a pair of shoes and a trouser at work so that i could change once I reached office. This was for Summers. For winters just wore that jacket and riding pants over my work clothes.

  • LV

    I live in Oregon …

  • Rob Alexander

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    • American John

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  • Noel Gordo

    When I was in the Philippines I drive my Honda XRM125 daily rain or shine, 12 miles home to work monday thru friday and 120 miles twice a month back to my wife home town. Now I missed driving motorcycle her in Washington state but need need drivers license first. 🙂

  • A. Freire

    If Lane Splitting were legal in Florida… yes. For sure.

  • Ryan Chelberg

    I live in Northern VA, so I’m stopped by the cold weather, other than that I try to commute on the bike as much as possible as it save me major money on gas, wear and tear on my jeep.

  • Kamil

    From what age you can get your child as a pilion pasanger ?
    Its any one know ? My kid its 5 yo and reach to pegs its that allow to kid go on bike ?