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30 | Updated 19

Pepper Spraying Texan Cop’s Excuse Is Complete BS

Thanks to our Texas affiliate, John B., for staying abreast of dubious law enforcement goings-on in the Lone Star State, we have an update on officer W. Figueroa’s explanation of why he felt it necessary to pepper spray a group of passing motorcyclists. In a post by KXAS-TV, officer Figueroa is quoted saying in his report of the incident that, “multiple motorcycles would not vacate the lane closest to my marked patrol car. I deployed my pepper spray into the lane closest to me, at which point approaching motorcycles began to vacate the lane, allowing me to conduct a traffic stop.”

Why Is This Cop Macing Motorcyclists?

Are you f*$&ing kidding me? Nowhere in this video is any motorcycle remotely close enough to pose a threat to officer Figueroa to warrant pepper spray. Texas law may require motorists to vacate the lane immediately adjacent to where a police officer has stopped a vehicle, but claiming he needed to pepper spray approaching motorcycles to vacate the lane is complete BS. Would officer Figueroa pepper spray four-wheelers expecting the same result? This is nothing more than a failure of good judgement, and an excessive use of force for no apparent reason. This ordeal isn’t as bad as someone getting beaten or shot, but it is enough to reveal that officer Figueroa is a thick-headed troglodyte undeserving of the badge and its responsibilities. Officer jerk is currently on leave pending an investigation.