Remember Officer William Figueroa, the pepper-spraying cop? If you need a reminder click here: Why Is This Cop Macing Motorcyclists?, and here: Pepper Spraying Texan Cop’s Excuse Is Complete BS.

It’s been reported by CBS DFW that Officer Figueroa is back on patrol in Texas. His story hasn’t changed. “While attempting to make contact with the driver, multiple motorcycles would not vacate the lane closest to my marked patrol car. I deployed my pepper spray into the lane closest to me at which point approaching motorcycles began to vacate the lane allowing me to conduct a traffic stop.”

The internal investigation into Officer Jerk has concluded, with any punishment being left to the discretion of his superior officers (uh, sure). For now, it appears that deploying pepper spray into the path of approaching motorcyclists is an acceptable practice in Texas. Another reason in a long list of reasons to stay the hell away from Texas.

  • JMDonald

    Comancheria is a police state. This incident is emblematic of the mind set of the municipalities here. The police exist to serve and protect the state. Officer Figueroa’s poor judgement is rooted deep in his thinking. That fact should preclude him from a career in law enforcement. The good news is the state and allows the citizenry the ability to protect itself with a right to carry. We can’t rely on officers like Figueroa to do anything other than endanger the riding public.

    • DickRuble

      A bunch of yahoos on motorcycles blocking multiple lanes are the very fine citizenry you’re referring to? Are those dipshits the people you feel blessed to know carry guns?

      • JMDonald

        Not hardly. Yahoos or not being pepper sprayed while on the freeway isn’t a proper mechanism to have them vacate the lane. I feel comfortable knowing there are responsible individuals that understand the responsibility of concealed carry and elect to do so. If I feel blessed at all it is in the fact that unlike California the State of Texas recognizes the right to self defense and allows those responsible and willing to do so. The police state is everywhere. Including Comancheria.

        • Luke

          So you’re saying these motorcyclist should have shot the police officer here? Seems kind of extreme.

          • JMDonald

            I said in my initial comment that the State (in this case Texas) allows the citizenry the benefit of self protection. The implication being we are afforded that privilege even though we are subject to living in a police state. As Bill Murray once said “at least we’ve got that going for us.” That is good news because the police are not duty bound to serve and protect the citizenry though they may on occasion choose to do so. They exist to serve and protect the state. When seconds count the police are minutes away. The best person to protect you is you. Not the police. Officer Figueroa’s action highlights his lack of concern and acumen. He is not the only officer like this out there.

      • Born to Ride

        There is no question that the motorcyclists in this video were dipshits. We have documented video evidence of their dipshittery. However, it is a crime to use pepper spray for any other purpose than self defense. If you got into a altercation with an asshole at a bar, and chose to pepper spray him without any clear indication of physical danger on your part, officer douchebag here can literally arrest your ass. But he deploys pepper spray against unthreatening motorcyclists and gets a pass. That kind of impunity is what makes bad cops into abusive assholes. He should be flipping burgers, not back on patrol.

        • ‘Mike Smith

          He should spend a weekend in jail, and perform several hundred hours of community service…just like any of us would have if we went around pepper-spraying people in non-self-defense situations.

  • Starmag

    “Another reason in a long list of reasons to stay the hell away from Texas.”

    I’m thinking it may not be a good idea to disparage a whole state for a few ideas you don’t like. I’m a Floridian but there’s loads of Texans I love. ZZ top, SRV, etc. There are cops that have been videoed doing much worse from other states as well.

    • DickRuble

      Not to mention that the summary judgments rendered by this “community” rely on a few seconds video, out of context, while there rare ample videos by and of the upstanding “victims” doing stunts and blocking lanes on public roads. The officer was cleared, it was determined his was a minor transgression, if any. Case closed.

      • BDan75

        Law enforcement officers are supposed to be held to a higher standard than the idiots they’re forced to deal with. I’m sure that’s frustrating sometimes, but it’s part of the job. Blindly pepper spraying into the faces of moving motorcyclists? Massive fail on that front.

        Would you still feel it was a “minor transgression” if it had caused a chain reaction crash that injured (or maybe killed) some people?

    • Jon Jones

      True. I have found Texas to be a nice place to tour. Great rest stops, nice folks, and good roads.

  • kenneth_moore

    “Officer Jerk” is far too mild for this dick-head Nazi. I’m sure that instead of taking this incident as a learning opportunity that he was lucky to keep his job for, he’s blaming everyone but himself.

    • Sounds to me like they may even make the pepper-spraying of adjacent lanes S.O.P. for routine traffic stops. One would hope a high-ranking representative of any municipal force would make a definitive statement that their officers are forbidden from pepper-spraying uninvolved motorists. Sadly, it appears this ambiguous response is all we can expect in this day and age.

      • ‘Mike Smith

        In the spirit of “officer safety”, any and all traffic stops should begin with a precautionary pepper-spraying of adjacent lanes. In fact, the officer should already have the spray deployed as he is exiting the patrol car. He should go ahead and spray the driver he pulled over too, just in case.

  • Otto Maddox

    If a cop can write the narrative to inclue “officer safety” it’s a slam dunk.

    Officer safety over rides everything.. your safety.. my safety.. common sense.

    This traffic stop was so important that cop couldn’t wait a few seconds for the group to pass. He just had to get out there to write that ticket!

    Of course his response is totally arbitrary. If passing cars don’t make room what does he do to them? Fire shots through the windshield?

    • DickRuble

      States have recently passed laws requiring motorists shift lanes when approaching a traffic stop. Penalties for failing to do so start at a couple hundred dollars.

      • Otto Maddox

        You should actually read these laws. It’s not just “pull over”.

        Since this happened in Texas, let’s look at Texas law.

        You are required to either changes lanes (if the highway has two lanes)
        Slow down not more than 20 mph less than the posted speed limit.

        It’s the driver’s discretion. Changes lanes or slow down.

        These bikes were all going pretty slow.

        So you can’t say they were in violation of any law. This cop was just being an irresponsible jerk endangering innocent lives in the name of his own safety.

        Not sure that’s what the good people of Forth Worth think they are paying him to do.

        • DickRuble

          I think the interpretation is: if there are two or more lanes, shift, otherwise slow down. But that’s beside the point. I don’t think you can judge, based on the few seconds video, what was going on or what determined the cop to do what he did. I doubt he sprayed them for moving along too slowly or too orderly.

          • Otto Maddox

            Sorry.. the law has an OR in it. It gives the driver discretion to change lanes OR slow down.
            We can focus on Texas since that’s where this was recorded. I’ve already given you the Texas law.
            I can judge. These riders were all slowing down which is what the law in Texas requires.
            It’s possible he sprayed them to be an asshole.

          • DickRuble

            or it’s possible the cop had a reason. You go ahead and explain to a judge your theory about the OR.

          • John

            you are a little bit retarded aren’t you?

          • therr850

            He’s just always right. Ignore him.

          • Billy Jack

            “It’s possible he sprayed them to be an asshole.”

            That’s exactly why he did it. That is not the body language of a person who’s in fear for his safety.

  • Buzz

    Does he throw bricks at car windshields when they don’t “vacate?”

    • ‘Mike Smith

      He’s got a expandable asp for that.

  • Born to Ride

    Protect and serve… Themselves.

  • allworld

    “Another reason in a long list of reasons to stay the hell away from Texas.”
    Noted, there are a few places I won’t; Iran, North Korea and now Texas

  • Jim Greer

    Yep, Texas should be spelled TexasS. This meathead was so pissed that he endangers everyone who slowed down, like the law says. He wanted them to move the Hell over and show me some Goddamn respect, or else?

  • Chris Allen

    Dick Ruble is a dick

    • Born to Ride

      Where have you been? Dick Ruble is our resident dick. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to rise to the occasion. Occasionally.

    • Joseph Christy

      Chris Allen FTW.

  • Robertv Keeling

    When he gets splatered by a car we are suppose to be sad.

  • John B.

    I sent an email message to the Fort Worth Police saying, among other things, the motorcycle community wants to know the final resolution related to this matter. I have not received a response, however, several individuals opened my email message over the weekend. Generally, this means a response will eventually follow. I wanted the police department to know we were watching, and haven’t forgotten about this incident.

    I’ve been tempted to call William Crum’s (the guy who said he didn’t care when told he ran a motorcyclist and his girlfriend off the road) attorney and ask what’s up. Crum has been rotting in jail since October, and hasn’t had any court settings (or a mental evaluation) since his arraignment. Crum’s a bastard, but he still has the right to a speedy trial and effective assistance of counsel. Normally, rural Texas justice is swift and punitive. WTF?

    • John B.

      Maybe if other motorcyclists make an inquiry we can find out what, if any, discipline Officer Figueoria will receive. The email address is:

    • ‘Mike Smith

      Crum’s probably such a jerk, even his lawyer doesn’t care if he rots.

    • Mike Breen

      I saw that on youtube. Totally horrific. More horrific is the sheer numbers that support Crum even though his actions put him in jail and even though he has history of the same vehicular violence. I despair, I really do.

  • Gabriel Owens

    The jerk store called…

  • TW

    Wow – If this happened in Australia the officer would lose his job immediately and quite likely serve jail time. He would find it very difficult getting a decent job for the rest of his life. That is probably why we don’t have the same level of unacceptable police behavior down here – the penalties for poor behavior tend to discourage it ever happening. A good lawyer could put him away for a long time.

    Mind you, I do feel sorry for many of your officers knowing that most people seem to own guns over there! It must completely change how they see people they are going to talk to.

  • John Parker

    what a baboon….its not mandatory to move out of the lane next to an officer conducting a stop on the side of the road. he wouldnt have done that to cars so it was a total dick move and big surprise, officers investigating officers, no fault was found on his part. throw the magic bullshit words out there “for office safety” and everything after that is ok, criminal or not.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    I would be shocked if anything had happened to the cop. Police kill people and get away with it all the time, you think they’d suffer anything for macing a group of riders?

  • Mike Breen

    Astonishing. Where in gods name did this police officer get the idea that this was a good idea and ok to do? It’s totally obvious that his MACE is only going to have an effect on those who passed with no idea if they did wrong or not. Even if they did, lethal force on all that that happen to be on a bike?! ! And this cretin is back on duty? How bad does a US cop have to be in order to get fired and jailed? Use potentially lethal force without warning or due cause on passing motorists and gets back on the job? Just astonishing.

  • Ric Hill

    Welcome to the era of the CLINTON STYLE JUSTICE. The problem here is this section of the road is the major artery around DFW International Airport. The area is exploding which is why Officer Jerk is back on the job. He should have been “retired” to a AA league operation.

    We the people were not considered in this decision. Yup. Clinton era justice.

  • MadDog Jaxson

    This works both ways ,Pepper Spray the cop as you go by on your mc, just don’t want him to stumble into any traffic. I always keep a can on my side

  • DeputyBarneyFife

    How did this guy not get fired? He could have caused a fatal accident. If a non-police officer did that, they would arrest you and charge you with attempted murder and do 20+ years! Why are these cops above the law? That guy is a sick sociopath.

  • TheBadass

    Screw white trash Texas and their backwards laws. If my car was anywhere on that video I would sue the hell out of them saying all sorts of problems occurred during unnecessary pepper spray ing while driving.

  • TheBadass

    The reasons why most people in this country does not even want to visit Texas lol