See David Monaghan have the save of the year (so far) on his 2017 BMW S1000RR in the skidmark inducing clip. David goes for a pass at 105 MPH when a car neglects to check its mirrors at the legendary Nurburgring, sending David and his cantaloupe sized jewels off road, narrowly avoiding the guard rails. Good save David, and be safe out there!

The event begins at 7:25.



  • DickRuble

    Q: What do the Nurburgring circuit and an LA highway have in common?

    A: Idiots at the wheel.

    Edit .. and on bikes too.

  • Starmag

    Loads of amateurs and really high speeds? Pass.

    Nice save. It would probably be best to put extra bleach in the next white load of wash after that.

  • john phyyt

    I have had thoughts of trying the Ring. This video gives me a much truer idea of what it would be like. Too much traffic .. Well before the incident I knew that I wouldn’t be having much fun. Passing two cars who are racing each other is very hazardous as drivers are fully occupied. Opposite of enjoyment : just the same as “freeway” dicing. traffic jams and all,,

    • BDan75

      Talk about needing to ride like you’re invisible…yikes.

  • krishan adhikari

    The minimum expectation with any racing circuit is to segregate cars and bike. This should be further broken down on bike capacities. for e.g you don’t race 250 cc bike with liter bikes. This is at best reckless and dangerous. The rider was very lucky. I wouldn’t ride in the circuit with this kind of traffic.

    • toomanycrayons

      “I wouldn’t ride in the circuit with this kind of traffic.”-krishan adhikari

      I couldn’t, not like that. Talent is my rev limiter.

  • Tinwoods

    I like how the commenters here are more intelligent than whomever created this video because writing “Drivers, use your mirrors!” over the video sounds like the worst kind of noob/squid blaming a car driver when the real fault lies with the rider. You’re both going that kind of speed and you expect to the car driver to spot your tiny little motorcycle profile in his side or rearview mirror? You’re an amateur; even at a fifth that speed drivers have a difficult time seeing us motorcyclists in their mirrors.

  • Mark D

    Oi. That was a really close pass, though. Giant speed differentials will get you every time. Not a smart or safe pass.

    Kudos to the biker on saving it. That’s what training yourself to keep your head up and not make any sharp or sudden moves does!

  • fzrider

    I watched. I waited. I counted cars. I picked the culprit out more than a few times, but no, he flew past. What the hell? Was somebody going to hit him or not? Finally. At last, he bounced off one guard rail, then the other, then he gave a thumbs up! What a man. What a rider. What an attitude. That is some video.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Subject/object confusion. Car Hit by Motorcyclist, Driver Doesn’t Run Over Him.
    (Good rider for first 7 min 40 sec)

  • Polly Molly Moo

    A brown trouser moment if ever there was one!

  • realfastbill

    Not sure I put the blame on the driver of the car. On a race circuit it is the responsibility of the passing vehicle to make a safe pass.

    • Myk DeVroede

      That’s what I was taught, in fact we took off our mirrors. MotoGP bikes don’t have mirrors. Other than merging on the track. you shouldn’t be looking behind you.

  • CrashFroelich

    Muscle memory and lizard brain save the day.

    • marcellus2

      Absolutely correct assessment.

  • Willis

    How fast would he had gone, if he wasn’t short shifting, Not once did I see him get within a 1000 rpm of redline! I’ve been thinking about getting this bike, now I see why, it’s a beast!!
    Oh, about getting hit,, he’s a great rider and crap happens all the time! You better be ready for it!!

  • Robrage

    Best to race with Bikes only…nice save…is that a 1200 S ?

  • dougie_s

    good save. but i wouldn’t blame the car; definitely the biker’s fault.

  • Finigus

    Great save, but I think it’s caveat rider, in this case…

  • Oldhawker

    That video could have been cut from a boring 8+ minutes to about 30 seconds.

  • mukhtarm1

    Bikes and Cars on a racetrack is like mixing Oil and Water! Don’t do it! Great riding skill. But too much cager traffic.

  • Duane Kimball

    There’s a reason why they have 100’s of videos of crashes at the ring. Anyone can go out. You can’t really blame the amateur drivers. They aren’t use to people passing them at +50mph and drive and not crash into the guy in front of them….etc. That’s why I like track days. You have to be pointed at to even pass or point out to have someone pass you.