In yet another example of why it’s not a good idea to ride on train tracks, a pair of motorcyclists got quite a scare as they attempted to cross a railway bridge. A beam at the start of the span gave way just as the lead rider (identified in the video as “Steve”) tried to ride across, causing the rider and his bike to begin falling back and through the bridge.

Fortunately, a second set of rails was narrow enough to hold Steve and his bike as his rear wheel dangled in the air beneath him. After the initial shock and (much warranted) cursing, the two became remarkably calm, all things considered. “I’m holding it all with my balls,” Steve says, before asking his buddy to take a picture.

With some quick thinking, they tie off the front wheel and get enough support for Steve to pull himself out, letting the bike hang from it’s handlebars. According to the video’s description, they managed to gently lower the motorcycle to the ground.

  • Johnny Blue

    Had he rode a wee bit faster the rear wheel would have climbed over the next beam instead of falling in. At least that’s how it looks to me from the video. Maybe being over conservative with the throttle is not always the safest choice… 🙂

  • Gruf Rude

    Had a case once where two drunks in a van drove around a barrier and took off down an unfinished ‘Rails to Trails’ project and across a 25 foot high trestle. Unfortunately for them, the trestle had long since collapsed about 40 feet from the far end. They were found a couple of days later by an old Native American gathering sweet grass and sage for a sweat lodge ceremony. They were broken, dehydrated and close to death and would have been dead in another few hours had that old man not chanced upon them. Be careful exploring old rail beds.

  • They should have been able to pull the bike up.

    • Steve G

      lowered it down – easier since that DR650 weighs a ton

      • A ton? There are two of them. I used to be able to get a yz250 out of a pickup by myself without a ramp by lifting the whole bike.

        • Steve G

          YZ250s are not all that heavy compared to the boat anchor of a DR650, the thing’s a pig.

          • Try lifting one off the back of a 4×4 truck and placing it on the ground. There were two of them, so a DR ain’t that heavy.

          • Steve G

            Jim, Had you been there I would have gladly accepted your help to lift it up.

          • I would have gladly given it.

          • Gruf Rude

            At 375 pounds and already dropped 4/5ths of the way through a RR trestle, I’d lower it, too! Gravity can be your friend in this situation.

          • Maybe so, but I am a stubborn guinea.

  • B.Hoop

    This obviously wasn’t a high traffic rail route, but the condition of the rails show that it’s still used. A train would have really ruined their day…

  • Navroze Contractor

    I am sorry but this was a very stupid idea…

  • Jeff S. Wiebe

    They need more training.
    (Did you track with that one?)
    I’ll show myself out.

  • SRMark

    Now all the train tracks are be closed to dirt bikes. Thanks.

    • Gruf Rude

      All the RR tracks I’ve ever seen are marked “no trespassing” by the owners (the RR company) and are “closed to dirt bikes” already. Active rail lines in heavily wooded areas like the one here have always spooked me as fast-moving, non-stoppable trains can appear suddenly and with surprisingly little warning. I’d hate to be on a trestle as a train rounded a bend into view at 50MPH . . .

      • SRMark

        I appreciate your info. I was just bein’ foolish. I would never assume that tracks would be available for anything but train traffic. But, stupid is as stupid does and that guy certainly fits the bill.

  • Eric

    To all who are saying this is stupid and they shouldn’t be there, here’s a little backstory of what’s going on here…

    Massive rains in Northern Manitoba have caused flooding, to the extent that the only method of land transportation into the Northern port town of Churchill (the rail) has been closed. The company running the rail made public announcements saying numerous segments had washed out and that they couldn’t hope to get it in service until maybe next year.

    Upon hearing about this, these hooligans (I use that term affectionately) decided that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride a path that is normally closed to the public just to see how bad it really was. They were surprised to find that there were only a few really bad spots, but overall couldn’t comprehend how the rail couldn’t be fixed sooner. The rail company didn’t like having this light shone on them, and they’ve since announced that the repairs are going to be done quicker than expected.

    So thank these guys for all they did to help out Churchill, MB (aka Polar Bear Town).

    • Gruf Rude

      Apparently one of the bad spots was the approach to this bridge. When a dirt bike collapses the supporting tie, imagine what a locomotive could do!

      • Eric

        Oh, no doubt some sections were bad. But it’s a good thing that these guys shined a light on the actual condition of the tracks, and overall its not as bad as the rail operator was originally reporting.


    • Steve G

      Thanks for that Eric! Just Google Churchill Manitoba News and you’ll get the rest of the story. BTW there were 14 wash outs and not all that bad.

  • Steve G

    This was the most fame I’ve ever gotten falling off a DS bike. Hopefully our little excursion will help out the fine folks of Churchill. Esteban